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Meet Aragorn (part1)

A little while ago, I met Aragorn (from Sexty-9 Ways) online. After a short chat, spontaneously the idea came up to interview each other and, of course, post the conversation. We thought it would be a great way for all of us to learn more about some of your favorite bloggers … So, we did ! Today we both post these interviews … Enjoy !

P.S. beware, we may just invite you to be the next to be interviewed …

Shay says:
How did you first get into blogging?

Aragorn says:
Great Q. While Orchid (‘O’) and I were developing our erotic interactions, long distance, she one day came up with the idea to start playing ‘games’ on the internet, i.e. to set up games in which people could participate. She then suggested we start a blog. A FABULOUS idea …

So, I started to learn some html, found my way through the mess of sites, learned, and started our blog. She came up with the name, or better, we did it together …

Shay says:
Wow! that’s such a romantic start!

Aragorn says:
Yes, it really is ! We wanted to expose and play, in a publicly accessible domain … This was the best way to do so

Shay says:
What keeps you going? With your blogI mean…

Aragorn says:
Glad you specify … Interest, sense to keep sharing, reading other blogs that inspire …
It is so much fun everytime to compose and publish a post and see the comments.

It is actually arousing, playful, sensual …

Shay says:
Do you have any friends or family or colleagues that know about your blog?

Aragorn says:
1 friend. I told her, she knows it is ‘us’, and she knows both of us. But she rarely visits, she has her own, non-erotic, blog. I think she is a little shy to come and see ‘our sexual escapades’. But, no colleagues, no family (at least not that I know )

Shay says:
How did you an orchid meet?

Aragorn says:
Ah, very personal question, romantic story actually. We met on a train, just like that. Sitting across from the isle, apparently both busy. Then we came to chat and exchanged phone numbers upon arrival.

Pure chemistry at that very first moment.

Shay says:
That’s terribly romantic!

Aragorn says:
lol – I guess it is. Too sweet almost

Shay says:
Where is your favorite vacation spot?

Aragorn says:
Tough Q. Actually, I always have difficulty answering ‘most favorite’-type Qs … I generally have many ‘favorites’, for various reasons. But, on this Q, I believe I must say Yellowstone Park

O and I were there last summer, camping, and OMG it was a FABULOUS experience !
Absolutely gorgeous, relaxing, beautiful, intense … Amazing

Shay says:
I’ve got lots more “favorite” type questions for you, sorry ^_~

Aragorn says:
not a problem, will do my best …

Shay says:
Do you have a favorite sexual position?

Aragorn says:
Let me think … I guess there are two favorites

1) the missionary position. It just works SO well for us. It is intimate, intense, relatively easy for both to reach orgasm, and actually allows a lot of physical communication …

2) a variation of “69″ (hence our blog name ), in which we actually both lay on our sides … more relaxing, more freedom, more control for each … Absolutely fabulous.

Shay says:
Ah! This leads very well to my next question…

Do you (and/or Orchid) have a special oral sex “trick” or technique that seems to work extremely well?

Aragorn says:
Super pleasant question … sit back, this is going to take a while … lol

For me, in giving … a few things that I just do, spontaneously and work very well for her …

First, I am everywhere with my tongue. On her labia, inner and outer, inside of her legs, lower tummy, always very gentle, not drooling (yet).
I also play around her clit a lot with the tip of my tongue, circling lightly, around the hood, often while spreading her lips to give me full access …

(shit, it is getting hot in here … )

And another thing I really observe is to not ‘overdo’ the clit. Always very light, not too often ‘straight on to it’, as that numbs it. Just light licks, not too fast but rather slow.

Shay says:
ahh that’s an important trick!

Aragorn says:
I sometimes use the ‘alphabet’ technique, which really works very well. It helps me concentrate on the regions apart from her clit

After some time, I tend to use my full flat tongue, quite wet, very slowly licking from low between her legs, upward, wide and flat …

If I want to make her come, these are the key ingredients … slow, wet, gentle, and continuous

and of course, my hands take part too.

Shay says:
(I know at least one of my readers will REALLY appreciate your answer to this question)

Aragorn says:
nice !

You want details on what she does as well ?

I love when she also is all over, my shaft, the head, my balls, combined with a firm hand, rubbing, sliding up and down …

It feels particularly great to have her tongue play with my frenulum, the rim of the head of my penis. I shiver when she slowly circles around that rim, with the tip of her tongue, firmly holding my penis … (damn that heat again) …

I also love her flat tongue against the head of my penis and sliding along the shaft …

Shay says:
(I think it’s getting hot over here too…)

Aragorn says:
lol excellent !

Now, for her to make me cum …
The best is to this ‘rim-circling’, combined with taking me in her mouth, lips tight around my penis, moving up and down .. .But, I guess this is ‘common’ … LOL.

Now I come to think of it, Salacious Desires has a beautiful post on oral instructions, and asking women to tell her whether they want instruction or not.

Aragorn says:
let me … get some coffee (and take a cold shower) …


Shay says:
haha okay ^_^

Intermission! Stay tuned for part 2 of “Meet Aragorn”. If you’re hungry for more interviewing while you wait, check out Aragorn’s Interview of me HERE. ^_^

13 comments to Meet Aragorn (part1)

  • Aragorn

    Great job Shay, the interview and CBW look very nice ! – Hugs – A

  • gigi

    I love this idea! Great job!

  • pantylines

    great idea, and great job….so interesting and entertaining

  • Demon Queen

    I love it!
    I’m linking. This was just too cool!

    Love ya both!

  • AlwaysArousedGirl

    Very nice job, Shay.

  • Numb

    That is very nicely done as always Shay. And i love the pics of him and his Xmas package. Actually thought about getting something done down there but wasnt sure what. Hmmm, something to ask on my next post I think. *hugs*

  • bedroomdancer

    Wait, what’s the alphabet technique. Love the interview idea. Lots of fun.

  • Dirty Debbie

    I read the other interview first and as I said over there…fantastic and intelligent idea.
    Looking forward to more, I always enjoy your site…
    Happy Holidays

  • Aragorn

    Ahh, the alphabet technique … pure magic … see for example here … or as me more if you want … ;-) – A

  • Lily

    Shay, we gave you an HNT Christmas gift on the tulip blog.

  • Best of Blogger


  • bedroomdancer

    Thanks aragorn. Great article, I plan to write more about this and link to that article after the holidays.

  • Shay

    Aragorn – I’m glad you like it ^_^ I think your penis looks extreemly cute with a santa hat. ^_^

    gigi – Thanks!

    pantylines – Glad you enjoyed it ^_^

    Dq – your turn is comming up sweety!

    AAG – Same for you! Your interview is comming up too!

    Switch – Ah you flater me. ^_^ I like Aragorn’s piercing too, it’s nice looking without being potentially dangerous (unless he caught it on his pants or something).

    Debbie – Oh thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed this (and my blog)

    Lily – You two are such sweeties! Remind me to add you to my daisy chain.

    BedRDancer – I’m so glad you enjoyed with, and I’m really glad that Aragorn answered your question (I was away the whole day)

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