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HHNT 5 or something

As promised here is my festive HNT picture ^_^

This was taken a couple of years ago on my favorite beach near my old house (please ignore the extra people in the photo – as you may be able to guess, I’m the one on the far left).

Mr. SandMan Hopes you Have a Happy Half Naked Day ^_^
UPDATE – I forgot to give my three gifts! (If you were left out, don’t be sad, I’ll have something nice for you on Saturday. ^_^)
To Switch, I would like to give a lovely genital piercing, since he wants one so bad ^_~

To AAG, I’d love to give a super powerful vibe, that never runs out of power and has a slient motor (so that she doesn’t wake her family) ^_^

and to Gigi, I want to give good feelings and some more lingerie to pose in ^_~

{and as a secret fourth gift, I give Lily and Ti a tripod so that they can take more joint HNT pix)

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13 comments to HHNT 5 or something

  • Alex

    He looks like Chet in “Weird Science”


  • James

    The one with the bitchin’ bod in the bikini bottoms? Wowzer!


  • Karl Elvis

    You do a bikini justice.

  • horny guy

    shouldn’t there be a full-naked friday? :)

  • Anonymous

    Off Topic…What happened to Corintian Couple???

  • JStrap

    Re Corinthian Couple: I’ve not heard a thing about them. No comments, no emails. If you’re out there people it would be nice to know what you’re up to?

  • dirtyboy

    ahhh, festive and delightful too – perfect!

  • Easily Aroused

    What a wonderful torso and legs you have, Shay. No doubt the upper half is just as heavenly…


  • AlwaysArousedGirl

    Very nice.

    BTW, I’m not ignoring your tag. It’s just hard to find odd habits that aren’t identifying.

    Yeah, I’m paranoid. So sorry tho.

  • Numb

    MMMMMmmmm *licks lips* If it wasnt for the sand I would lick from toe to …. ahh fuck the sand. :-) HHNT Shay!!

  • Shay

    Alex – LOL! Except way way cuter ^_^

    James – that’s me. ^_^

    Karl Elvis – hehe thanks, I try. ^_~

    HornyGuy – Hmm maybe one day…

    Anonymous&J-strap – I’ve been wondering that for a few weeks. I hope they are alright!

    DirtyBoy – thanks ^_^

    EA – ahh maybe one day you will find out…Oh wait! There is a full body pic of me in Aragorn’s blog!

    AAG – That’s fine sweety, I’m patient. ^_^

    Switch – hehe. the sand *almost* looks like sugar…almost. ^_~

  • figleaf

    Ever wonder why so many people wear sunglasses when you’re at the beach? You’re a dazzlin’ babe, Shay. It must hurt to look right at you with unprotected eyes.

    Happy Christmas, Merry New Year, Shay.


  • AlwaysArousedGirl

    Thanks Shay!!!!

    *Turning it on, trying it out….*

    Dang, that’s some pow’ful stuff there!

    Um, I’ve got to go now. I’ve got some…things to do.


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