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"I’m Sorry Miss, but…"

I got in trouble at my gym tonight – dress code violation.

Apparently my top is far too sexy and slutty for the gym and shows far too much skin. This is a problem because my naughty bare skin will touch the icky benches and do bad things to them? At least that’s what the employee told me – just maybe not using those words. ^_~

Tank tops that have a 2 inch shoulder strap are permitted, but my half inch style is forbidden – clearly that extra inch and a half is essential for holding in my girly sweat (to protect those big strong men) and for concealing my sexiness.

Fine gym staff I will wear a shirt that offers more coverage from now on, but be warned – I will be taking it off while I jog and the top I wear under is a little more revealing and your head just might explode.

23 comments to "I’m Sorry Miss, but…"

  • Crazy Dan

    Their is a dress code? Thats just crazy.

  • horny guy

    feel free to go to my gym… :P

  • Shay

    Dan – yeah… it’s the university gym (not that my previous university’s gym had a dress code >.<) I don’t know what’s up with these people.

  • AlwaysArousedGirl

    well? are you going to show us some photographic evidence of the offensive top?


  • bedroomdancer

    Wow. The 2 inch strap is so much better. You should be ashamed of yourself, Shay. (And just in case the SARCASM didn’t come through, that was sarcasm, babe.)

    PS Husband loved the lovedreamer and wants one. I like how it looks cause I just haven’t got, ahem, good rhythm on top, so the possibilities there are very good.

  • -J.

    Yes, your top may not be acceptable gym attire, but as blog attire it will be more appreciated.

  • Aragorn

    Nothing more decent than a tight, short sleeved, white T-shirt, no straps, boop shape beautifully revealing, nipples suggestively showing … But I guess you would not want to be running in that … ;-)

  • :P fuzzbox

    To set up a rule on the width of a strap seema anal retentive. Maybe it is an Evangelical Gym. Did they have a fish on the window with a logo HWJS? How would Jesus Sweat.

  • beer-and-nachos

    I think it’s a rule to keep those big strong men safe; keep ‘em focused so they don’t smack themselves in the head with their other head or drop weights on their other half standing up.

  • Goose and Gander

    “you’re too sexy for that gym….too sexy for that workout…..”


    Maybe we should all start working out nude!

  • Shay

    AAG – Maybe I should…

    BedRDancer – I know! What was I thinking?! Just imagine how many workouts I’ve ruined for others because of my distracting top! Hehe, glad to hear your husband is interested in the bodybouncer,maybe he’ll get you one! ^_^

    J- Well, you might find it more tame than the usual pictures I post…

    Aragorn – I love playing “is she wearing a bra?” when I’m at the gym ^_^ don’t know if I’d like to be one of the contestants tho, I might find it too distracting.

    Fuzzbox – I had to take a moment and laugh out loud at “HWJS”. I don’t think this university is religious, maybe it used to be? It is not as “liberal” is my previous school.

    B n’ N – I think you are right – I was catching a lot of guys watching me while I exercised…

    Goose and Gander – Great, now that song is stuck in my head. Thanks. A lot. A nude gym sounds fun – but now I’m picturing nude people spotting for others – can you imagine? “3….4…. Gah! get that thing out of my face!”

  • bedroomdancer

    HWJS. I can’t stop laughing!

  • pantylines

    what gym is that again? maybe i need to stop by :-)

  • Numb

    You can wear whatever you want to around me darlin….. Grrrrrrr, of course… you wouldnt be wearing it very long.

  • Alex

    They’ll be stopping me eating chocolate and drinking beer ont he treadmill next.

  • amarilloroad

    I hate the dress codes seriously.

  • Biker &amp; Teacher

    I would never make it at that gym. I use our treadmill at home naked!

    The Teacher

  • Naughty Faery

    Poor Shay. Who got the job of telling you off? ;-)

  • Lord &amp; Ms C

    shocked…just shocked!

  • vatum &amp; vixen

    My head is ready to explode already! More, more, take it off, take it all off.


  • Shay

    pantylines – I think it might be too far for you hun. ^_~

    Switch – in that case, I will have to always wear things that are eaasy to take off! ^_^ Can’t have my nice clothes getting ripped can I?

    Alex – Hmm, well I haven’t seen any signs that ban food or drink…

    Amarillo – Me too, unless they only affect someone who is not me. ^_~ Well… I actually did like my school uniform when I was in high school.

    Teacher – Don’t you find that your breasts bounce too much when you jog naked?

    Feary – lol one of the newer trainers. She was lucky that she caught me off guard, so I was very polite with her.

    Lord&Mrs C – I know! What is the world comming to?!

    V&V – Of course, anything for you baby. ^_~

  • Biker &amp; Teacher


    I am a walker not a runner, so my tits are perfectly happy unconfined.

    The Teacher

  • Karl Elvis

    Mmm. Girly-sweat. Gimmee.

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