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"I Like Big Butts…"

I got an e-mail today about a site called “40 inch plus” and for one scary second I thought this might be talking about a site that offers porn featuring men with 40 inch long penises!!

My mind raced off – “40 inches, that sounds WAY too long for a penis”
“Do penises even GROW that long?”
“No, no, surely not…Maybe they mean 40 cenimeters?”
“Oh! Maybe it’s tentacle hentai?”
Turns out that “Forty inches” was about 40 inch wide ASSES – on women.
Does forty inches sound like a big ass to you? Because these girls don’t really look like they have HUGE asses.

I didn’t’ even know this kind of thing was popular in North America…

When I was living in the Caribbean, I used to get ass compliments all the time:
damn girl, walk past me once more” ( to give a very tame example)

It’s not like I’ve got a BIG ass, it’s just got a nice round shape to it – which is pretty popular down there.
I had guy friends who used to laugh at the cute “little white girls with no ass” .
(no offence no any of my flat assed sistren out there! I have nothing against you, except that you can wear certain styles pants that just don’t seem to fit me right! grr ^_~)

But, I am rambling.
I think my point is – are big asses back in style? or do only some men like them? or do people care at all? Is the ass only sexy because of the other body part that lives right next to it?

[HERE is the link to the site, if you're interested]

21 comments to "I Like Big Butts…"

  • bedroomdancer

    I think it’s aboslutely HILIRIOUS that they imply these girls have large assses, but actually, they are tiny little things. Let’s all have a fetish, but lets not be extreme about our FETISH, shalll we? Look it up in the dictionary, that’s all I have to say. A fetish is SUPPOSED to be excessive.

  • DZER

    in the immortal words of Sir Mix-A-Lot:

    I like big butts and I can not lie
    You other brothers can’t deny
    That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist
    And a round thing in your face
    You get sprung, wanna pull up tight
    ‘Cause you notice that butt was stuffed
    Deep in the jeans she’s wearing
    I’m hooked and I can’t stop staring
    Oh baby, I wanna get wit’cha
    And take your picture …

  • jp

    big asses went out of style?…when?…& how come nobody told me?…

    seriously now, i was more of a tit guy in my younger days…and while i still love tits (in any/every shape and size), junk in the trunk is more likely to turn my head these days…but it’s more than just ass – it’s the hips too…those gently outwardly sweeping curves from the waist to a full, womanly set of hips just sets me off…

  • Aragorn

    Big butts, hmm, reminds me of a saying I picked up many years ago from a friend in the US (where I was working), “A cushion for the pushing” … Naïve and young as I was, I had no idea what he meant, only found out later … lol. I like a ‘good ass’, love playing with it … hmm, getting distracted … Hugs – A

  • Secrets of a mom

    I think the ass is going to look a bit bigger when you stick a camera 5 inches underneath of it! Whose wouldn’t?? I think most men would prefer a curvy woman rather than a flat, bony woman most days. But what do I know? If I’m looking, that’s what I prefer.

  • :P fuzzbox

    A girl has to have a little bit a back or it hurts the hand when a guy spanks that ass.

  • beer-and-nachos

    I think it depends on the guy.

    But if you notice, “J-Lo” started up the big-assed manequins…and big asses are showing up everywhere…I’m even tempted to start flaunting my rediculously huge (35″ around**) ass!!

    **I am only barely 5′, so that is huge…esp with the 34DDs and the 25″ waist

  • feetman78

    Are you serious? Did big asses ever go out of style? An ass with shape and size is always heaven.

  • J

    Damn no ass white girls. Asses don’t have to be big, they just have to have a nice shape to ccompliment the rest of the woman’s figure. BTW, Beer-and-nachos, DAAMMNN!!

  • Frodo Corleone

    Big butts are cool, but I’m more of a traditionalist… where are the big tits posts?

  • Shay

    BedRDancer – Oh oh! I’ve got a great idea for a new fetish!! Let’s all say we like *giggle* penises! Won’t everyone be shocked by our extreem fetish porn?

    Dzer – Now don’t get me started, I know all the words too and if you continue, I’m going to be forced to get up and dance.

    JP – Oh so you’ve changed your ways? Maybe I just assumed that asses and hips went out of style because, for a while, they stopped making clothes that fit those bits properly.

    Aragorn – haha I love that expression!

    SOM – Watch out!! It’s the attack of the zoomed in bums!! *ahem* Maybe those some of those guys who appear to like the ass-less girls are just a certain age group of “men” who haven’t quite figured themselves out yet.

    Fuzz – HAHAHA! That’s what one of my exes was just saying to me online! Since he just got a new girlfriend (finally) and she’s got a flatter ass.

    B n’ N – Dude! You’re shorter than me! That’s awsome! I wonder if the “big ass” craze has yet to sweep Canada? Though that seems a little crazy to me since a bigger ass should = a warmer ass in the winter.

    Feetman – Good to hear! Though it took a few years of living in the Caribbean for me to come to terms with my little round ass.

    J – Haha! Remember how we used to feel so bad for those girls with no ass who also couldn’t dance? I wonder if a round ass is needed as a counter balance for windin’ ?

  • Shay

    Frodo – Haha Maybe next time hun. ^_~

  • Karl Elvis

    BIg asses are always in style. But more to the point, pictures, doll, pictures! B^)

  • Rocky

    Shapely and curvacious asses will never go out of style in my book.
    If “big asses” were really the shit, I would be a millionaire right now with my bum featured on covers of magazines, etc.

  • waha`

    True, correctly proportioned and shapley asses will never go out of style. It has a hypnotic effect on some men really. And its always something lovely that looks complimentary on a girl.
    Like a snoop dogg bone he threw back in the day, “Different strokes for different folks”. But fine asses on ladies is never a negative thing at all.

  • Anonymous

    Of course, you’ve all heard the latest cover of Sir Mix-a-lot’s classic?

    Look for ‘baby got back’ on this page:

    You’ve never heard such a cover before ;) hehe…

  • Webmiztris

    i don’t think big asses are ‘back in style’ – I just thing men will fuck anything,…lol j/k…. but seriously, those model’s asses are only 40 inches because they’re spreading their cheeks apart like they want someone to shove something in there…

  • chelsea girl

    Best pick-up line I ever got: Are you Brazilian?

    Nope, I’m not, but I do rock the juicy white-girl bubble butt.

    Who doesn’t like a fine, large and mysterious ass?

  • Shay

    Karl Elvis- haha maybe next thursday ^_~

    Rocky – that would be worth seeing.

    Waha – hyponitic, that’s true, esp when paired with the right walk.

    Webmiztriz – ooh! you’re right!! That’s what it is!!

    Chelsea – I love the line “mysterious ass”!! ^_^

  • Tommy

    Yeah, I think that site misrepresents the asses on it. Large asses are hot! As I commented on Fred & Wilma, I hate pressing up against a bone. Give me a healthy woman who is comfortable with her body and that will be one wild ride for the night.

  • M.

    All the girls I’ve dated so far have been curvy (seems to happen a lot more with geeky girls). One had a half-pear/half-hourglass build and another had more of an apple build. The one with the half-pear/half-hour build had some padding in the rear (she was half-Latina and generously curvy), but it wasn’t her rear that made her really amazing. What really made her amazing was that her hips really set off her waist nicely.

    I mean I’m sure a lot of guys actually do like big rears. However, I think some guys actually like wide hips and it’s just that a large butt is usually the easiest way to get wide hips. (although I’ve seen thin girls with full butts and no hips to speak of).

    Now the girl with the apple build constantly gets hit on by latino and af-am guys due to her more prominent posterior. Her hips aren’t so apparent due to her mid section having a touch more padding.

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