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Give Yourself

Gentlemen, can’t think of a gift for the lover who has got it all?

In this season of giving, why not give yourself? (and I don’t mean in the cheesy “Homer Simpson” way)
Take a crack at Kokigami

This [supposedly] ancient Japanese art combines the beautiful craft of origami (ornate paper folding) with the classic “art” of showing off you cock. ^_~

The first stage of the fun comes with wrapping up your member in it’s lovely paper costume. Maybe you want to have you lover help you or maybe you’d prefer to surprise them by revealing a dragon in your pants!

Next, there is a little play that goes along with each character that you may dress your penis up as; with roles for both you and your lover. For example:

With the squid koki: “Come to me my little fishy” – “your tentacles dance most beautifully!”
With the moth koki: “I am dazzled by your brightness!” – “Careful you do not singe your wings on my glistening fire”

[At this very moment I am very aware of your arched eyebrow dear reader]

And then of course the third step is to quit fooling around and “just stick it in!” ^_^

You can find out more about Kokigami HERE as well as the squid and moth koki ready to be cut out and used. ^_^ Would you prefer a more western take on this tradition? Check out these Dickorations.

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9 comments to Give Yourself

  • horny guy

    lol.. too funny.. beware of paper cuts..

  • gigi


    Now that’s a holiday tradition I could get behind. Hmm, actually it’s a holiday tradition that could get behind me.

    LOL, I crack my self up!

  • DZER

    and when you’re done, you have a origasmi?

    and aren’t most of those papers pretty small? LOL

  • Rosie

    Now that was a novel idea. I’d like to try them out.

  • Alex

    The squid’s very appropriate for a Hentai addict like you, Shay.

    Me thinks the Christmas party at our house should be memorable this year. :D

  • Aragorn

    Hilarious, also the Durex variations. Glad you find this stuff … ! Will consider the Dragon … ;-) – A

  • AlwaysArousedGirl

    Dzer…and origasmi…hah!

  • bedroomdancer

    What an interesting little tidbit. I was going to say novel idea, but hey, it’s only new to me, not the world. Thanks for sharing.

  • Shay

    HornyGuy – owch oo that’s right!

    gigi – just don’t let him sneak up behind you when he’s wearing the fire engine one!

    Dzer – haha I guess that would be right! I think you’d have to use bigger sheets of paper for this kind of paper folding, or link them together…

    Rosie – let me know how that turns out ^_^

    Alex – I was laughing so hard when I added the squid’s “script”. i was wondering if anyone would make the hentai connection. ^_~

    Aragorn – oh do! I’d love to see a photo!

    BedRDancer – Well as long as it’s new to someone, then my work here is done. ^_^

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