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My Birthday! ^_^

Time is running out for those of you who would like to get me something. ^_~

And here is some gratuitous hentai – just so that your trip here wasn’t a waste

6 comments to Upcoming…

  • hasarder

    Hi Shay, thanks for commenting on my blog. I’m thinking of getting into your line of work.
    I really like your blog and will keep an eye on it.
    Hope you have a great birthday!

  • Alex


    As it’s you and as it’s your birthday soon I’ll donate a special cock Blog picture. Any requests for clothing or lack of?

    You’re not the kind of girl to refuse a nice one on your birthday are you?


  • bEar

    u seem to like hentai..hurhur

  • Rex Venom

    Never a waste. Never.
    (happye early b-day wish)
    Rock on!

  • Aragorn

    Happy (early ?) B-day Shay !
    P.S. why not include a little B-day wish list, would make it a lot easier for us to ‘buy’ you something … ;-)
    Hugs – A

  • Shay

    Yup Still early Aragorn – see my ticker? 10 days left still. ^_^

    Actually I do have wish lists registered with American Eagle and La Senza, but I thought I would let my blog-buddies and fans come up with whatever they like. ^_~

    (Besides, I wouldn’t even know what to put on a wish list! Any Suggestions?)

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