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Papa Wouldn’t Buy Me a Doll….

When I first heard about RealDolls/Love Dolls, I thought to myself “oh! what a great way to get a three-way for couples that don’t want the threat of bringing in a real third person”.
But now i’m not so sure.

Maybe this is my fear of manquins talking here, but it kinda seems a bit like having sex with a re-useable, non-decomposing dead person.
Either that – or it’s like having a lovely relationship with a rubber woman/giant barbie doll.

For just around $6500.00 you can have your very own love doll to play with:

You can take ‘em to the beach…. ( I wonder if you have to put them on a stand to get them upright like that and I wonder which “hole” the stand jams into…)

Stand them up and have them stare at you from across the room….

Dress ‘em up…

Gaze into their eyes over dinner….

Pose them on your couch for showing off to company

Take them in the tub (yay a giant bath toy!)

Buy two and pretend you are at a sexy sleepover…

Or…. oh yeah…

Seriously though, I can see how this could be useful tool/toy for some people and they are kinda cool. But… let’s just say that I won’t be spending my next $65 hundred on one of these (though I’d love to see one “in person” someday).

7 comments to Papa Wouldn’t Buy Me a Doll….

  • rupert

    They have robot ones to, obviously not suitable for shower sex. Not good for smokers like me, fire hazard.

  • Whirlbrain

    I need one of these.

    $6500? That will go down with aftermarket parts, like computers.

    In about five years, I’ll be able to buy a Westworld version of “Tasty Kate” and enjoy myself just as much as the guy who bought the latest “Lisa 2500″ model.

    Oh, sure, Kate may be a little slower and less efficient (like taking 5 minutes to reach into your pants instead of 3), but she still will get the job done.

    Of course, my parents paid $200 to get these hands out, and I’ve put them to good use (and they reach the “target” easily).

    They still get the job done. And it was a small investment for my future.

    Can you believe that parents spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in college tuition for the same result?

  • AlwaysArousedGirl

    A non-decomposing dead person…giggle…who doesn’t need one of those?

  • Jay

    could be fun in a very perverted way and who amoung us is above that

  • Karl Elvis

    You know, I think that would be really fun to play with in a number of ways. I can’t see actually buying one (I’m comparing the $$ to what it would cost to get some really great escorts who would be, you know, alive, and there’s no way this comes out ahead), but it would be fun to play with.

    Obviously, you’d fuck it. How could you not? You could act out all sorts of entertaining fantasies on it. That’s good for, what, an evening?

    You could have great fun double-teaming it, in effect, a practice three-way for people who are afarid to actually go all the way. And if you ever wated to act out snuff or sleepy-girl or necro fantasies (what? Like you haven’t ever pictured it…), this is a nice safe non-messy option.

    And you could have it at a part in the corner, just sittin’ there, to start up some really interesting conversations. I can just imagine the potential there as you figure out who says ‘ick’ and who turns red and starts breathing funny.

    Ultimately it’s the sort of things that sounds really really interesting for a few uses. Trouble is, who’s gonna ever want to buy a used one. B^)

  • Richard Lovel

    For me the fun would be to use one in front of one or more real women, coaching me on my technique and cheering me on.

  • Anonymous

    hmm, well this is the first time i’ve commented and I have to say I wonder how many people own these?
    This actually reminds me of a Dane Cook joke called “Mannequin Sex” and it goes “have you ever seen a mannequin you wanted to fuck? I saw one in the window and it just turned me on, i don’t know who stands like that….”

    but anyways I love your blog and showed my roommate, it was really helpful for me when I wanted to pleasure my last boyfriend, if he knew I was reading it he would have asked to see too i’m sure.
    I really like that you’ve done so much updating with the toy info! Great job!

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