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Dolly Sex

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I just stumbled across this Artist’s work.

Looking over Nancy Farmer’s galleries brought back memories of my own Barbie days. I lived in a fairly isolated area when I was a kid; there were only 5 television channels and all the kids in the area were too young for me to play with. Consequently, I used to spend hours playing with my Barbie dolls – sometimes making up hot music videos to whatever was on the radio, sometimes setting up little scenes (sort of like this artist) and sometimes acting out my fantasies.

I don’t know where I learned about sex at such a young age, but at the time I knew that it was something fun that grown ups did in relationships. However, I really wasn’t totally sure about all the mechanics of sex. So when it came time for my Barbies to have some steamy hot sex, I would set them up in their little bed (usually missionary), pull their little blanket over them, and leave the room for a few moments. Eventually I figured more and more things out about this “sex” thing and my dolly playtime started getting a lot more steamy. ^_~
Kids are weird, eh?

And, one more image just for you DQ:
(yes, that’s a dolly wearing a strap-on)

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8 comments to Dolly Sex

  • horny guy

    i dont remember if i left a comment before.. lol but thanks for visiting my page. your’s is quite nice as well.

  • Demon Queen

    Shay that is too perfect! LOL

    Santa Claus: What do you want for christmas little girl?

    Little DQ: Why Santa I would just love a new Strap-On Barbie. I broke the last one’s leg masturbating with it.

    Hey, we all masturbated with barbies didn’t we? Cause Skipper’s legs were too short ;)

    I should have known something was up… I never once even thought of masturbating with Ken or G.I. Joe!

  • Shay

    Skipper also had flat feet, not as graceful as her “sister” Barbie…

    Damn you DQ, now I can’t get the image of you “playing” with dolls out of my head!

  • Anonymous

    Um…I used to play with wrestling toys and G.I. Joes…does that make me gay?!?!?!

    What about my Ninja Turtles?!?!?!


    …just kidding, and I’ll have you know that when I was about 6 or 7, I had a crush on April O’Neil from the cartoon. Human and a woman, oh yeah.

    - Sean

  • Demon Queen

    Shay by the time I was ten I’m sure mom was wondering why I was still asking for Barbies. All of their legs bent the wrong way.

    And yes, skipper did have flat feet. She wasn’t good for anything but riding in the passenger’s side of the barbie corvette!

    Luckily I discovered curling irons!

  • Aragorn

    Shay, great blog ! Happy you left a comment that lead me straight to your … euh, ‘S-Spot’. Super. Will link you soon = back for reading often. Hugs – A

  • Naughty Faery

    Naughty dolls :-)

  • Darkstarr

    You know what the best part of this is? Mattel tried to sue a similar site for copyright infringement, and LOST!! The judge ruled that not only was stuff like the above and “Barbie in a Blender” (look it up on Google, it’s hilarious) protected under the US Constitution (1st Amendment, gotta love it!), but since the legal fees built up to a couple million US$, THEY had to pay all of it!
    Which means that if you want to put nasty pics of Barbies doing naughty things, IT’S ALL LEGAL!!!
    Also a great way to make a few grand or so–post nude Barbie pix, wait for Mattel to sue you, then cite the decisions where they lost after suing the guy that did “Barbie in a Blender” and Aqua (the pop group that sang “Barbie Girl”).

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