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Helping Hands II

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( I recently updated this article from my old one for lovedreamer – let me know what you think)

Guys, Need a helping hand? Why not try a hand held masturbator?!

These neat little tools (also called “pocket pussies”) are hand held synthetic orifices designed to accept a penis for simulated intercourse. They are usually designed to look like a vagina, mouth, or anus and can be made of latex, jelly, or soft silicone. They come in a lot of different shapes too; some are in cans, some look like a miniature woman’s torso, some even have hair attached for that “realistic” touch. You can get your masturbator in a variety of colours, from realistic skin shades of mocha or peach to less conventional colours like blue, purple, glow in the dark, or glittery.

Although it’s meant to simulate sex, masturbators, unlike real vaginas, are usually one size fits all. Still many users praise the pocket pussy for its versatility. They claim that it is able to grip the penis differently than a vagina (or anus, or mouth,) or hand and that it allows one to vary the sensations experienced while masturbating through speed or angle variations and differences in texture that would be impossible in a real, live, partner. For instance, offers products with many different internal features, such as ridges, nodules, or waves. Some models even come with beads inside for extra texture!

There isn’t a whole lot of difference between the three major types of masturbators; the main difference is in the look of the masturbator. The biggest decision you have to make is: what do you want to pretend you are having sex with; a mouth, a vagina, or an anus?

The “realistic” mouth masturbator can be either a male or a female replica of the human mouth and often features simulated suction (like the “Doc Johnson Mouth Palm Pal”).The vagina masturbators are sometimes modeled from real Porn Stars; you can buy replicas of the famous vaginas of stars such as Tawny, Chloe Jones, or Jenna Jameson. Some even come with vibrating bulbs for “extra-intense” stimulation. The Anal masturbator is similar to the vagina type – the major difference is, again, in the outer design. Some, however, claim that the anal type is tighter.

And these toys aren’t just for the lonely! It has been suggested that one use this product as a stamina training unit. Masturbators can be used as an effective tool for practicing delaying orgasm or exploring different rhythms and methods of penetration for use with a partner later on.

But of course, like a real orifice, it’s extremely important to keep your little pocket pal clean. Be sure to wash the sleeve thoroughly with soap and warm water (or use Sex Toy cleaner) after every use – I advise against going for that “sloppy seconds” feel. And to help your handheld intercourse go a little more smoothly, don’t forget your lube; unlike a real vagina, pocket pussies don’t create their own lubrication. Try a nice warming lube for a sensation of “bodily warmth” in your masturbator.

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