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Panda Porn in Action

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Just in case you wanted to see how Panda Porn works, here’s a little video all about it!

Thanks to Propero for sharing this hilarious link.

Just a Video

Hey, what makes you think this is a film Friday?
It’s just a video being posted on a Friday, sheesh – no need to over-react.
I mean, I just found it and kinda had to post it (it’s starring Nathan Fillion) – I just couldn’t wait until, like, Saturday or Monday or one of those [...]

Condoms: get it ON

Well, everyone knows that pink condoms are total nymphos ^_~

I think my fave part might be when the green one is smacking the pink one’s bum
tee hee

(srsly though, stay safe out there on your sexual adventures my sweet readers)

Film Friday – on a Monday!

Film Friday is mostly defunct, but I couldn’t resist posting this little vid for your enjoyment.


Film Fridays – Just Some Straight Up Pron

Now before you all hassle me at once, yes that “pron” is up there on purpose.

Moving on

The other day I was chatting with AAG online and I noticed that she was slower than usual at responding.
Turns out I had caught her in the middle of watching some porn!  *Gasp!  [...]

Film Fridays – Not an Olympic Sport… yet

I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until naked oil wrestling becomes an olympic sport!(Hey, either these girls don’t know the rules or the refs aren’t paying attention – didn’t the girl with the darker tan win at around 1min30sec?)lol

Film Fridays – Why We Need Wingmen

Stay safe out there this long weekend folks!^_^I kinda don’t feel that bad for the last guy, his situation looks cozy hehe

Film Fridays – Best Summer Ever

Okay I wasn’t actually going to post this video this week, since it’s not especially sexy – BUT, I did see Dark Knight last weekend and haven’t been able to stop laughing at these shorts MTV Canada has been airing:Go B & J Supersquad!

Film Fridays – No Excuses!

Yet another wonderful clip from Man Stroke WomanIt sucks that women are so often forced into playing the role of “gate-keepers”, but I guess someone’s got to do it.

Film Fridays – What ABOUT BJs?

This video just seemed to go well with what we’ve been talking about this week.
The frame was too wide for my page so click HERE to watch it.