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PSA from Adult Film Stars

Crazy, it’s like they read my post about how the Porn industry is in a unique position to promote safer-sex…
and then kinda half-ass it – but STILL some effort is better than no effort!

Actually, I kinda take back the half-ass part, I really like that they brought up how porn actors are tested regularly (like, more regularly than the average person who tests themselves regularly) – with a lot of studios, they have to present a clean bill of health that’s something like within a month old to even be allowed to work.

5 comments to PSA from Adult Film Stars

  • David

    Was the use of the Magnum an unintended reference to size of pornstar junk?

  • looksleft

    See, now I never understand this whole “pornstars get regular testing” thing, cause unless you get tested EVERY SINGLE TIME you have unprotected sex, you can never be 100% sure you’re not infected. I also heard it was up to a month old that the test could be, so I don’t think that’s so useful (though better than nothing). Condoms are the only way you can be sure you won’t catch something.

  • InnocentMind

    If they’re tested regularly and everyone they have sex with is tested regularly then it’s safer than not being tested and using a condom. I would not be surprised if a serious and honestly conducted study showed that adult entertainers had lower instances of STD’s than the general population. Knowledge is the best protection.

    If everyone was as responsible about testing as adult entertainers then it wouldn’t take long for most STD’s to become as rare as the bubonic plague or smallpox.

    On a related note, who else is excited about the STD test app for smart phones commin’ out in Europe?

  • Milky

    Whaaaa??? STD test app? I need one because I’m so scared of herpes I don’t even kiss my dates. And I won’t date someone with oral herp!

    Anyways, Go Jenna! She’s awesome :)

  • InnocentMind

    Yup, it’s an inexpensive device that has a strip that is urinated upon (or a drop or two can be placed on it if you don’t want to splash on something that’s plugged into something that’s held next to your head) and then it is plugged into a smart phone. The device analyzes the results of the test then the app translates it, provides results, online support and directions to local clinics if an STD is tested. It’s discrete, quick, inexpensive and worth looking into. Hopefully it’ll also be arriving in the US soon.

    I’m not involved in it’s production or manufacture in any way, I just think it’s a kick ass idea.

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