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Product Review – Eat Whatever (mints)

As soon as I opened up the package of the Eat Whatever Mints from Babeland I giggled when I saw the instructions – one section is labeled “suck” and the other section is labeled “swallow”. My sense of humour aside, the concept behind these mints is pretty awesome.

The people from EatWhateverMints don’t want you to worry about avoiding yummy garlic in your food, or skipping coffee after dinner because you’re worried about having bad breath for make-outs/sex later.   Their product aims to fight bad breath on two fronts: in your mouth with their mints that you suck, and in your throat/tummy with the jelly that you swallow.

The jelly has ingredients like parsley seed oil (which is sometimes used to freshen breath, but can also induce labour for pregnant women – which explains the warning on the package), sunflower oil, and peppermint.

I decided to put this product to the test on two fronts: once to get rid of yucky coffee mouth after enjoying an iced cap on my way home, and once another day after eating a yummy dinner that included onion.

What I liked:  The mint that you suck tastes good, it’s strong but not painfully minty (like Altoids).  Also, the jelly that you swallow actually does give you the impression that is is doing something, because it makes your throat feel all minty.  In both situations when I tried these combo mints, I felt like they worked – my breath felt fresher, even after the mint that you suck was long gone.

What I didn’t like: no real complaints, as promised it freshened my breath beyond the “life” of the mint that you suck.

This would be great for: people who worry about having bad breath on a date, before a meeting, in class, during an orgy, etc.

Eat Whatever Mints score a fresh 8.5 out of 10:

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