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Guest Fantasy/ Reader Question – A Double Blow Job

“Dear Shay

My most ardent fantasy involves a sexual encounter with a man and a woman, both anonymous, I don’t know them and they don’t know me.

My focus is primarily on the woman, but during this little daydream when I’m heavily involved with pleasing her and she with me, I envision myself at eye level with a nice, circumcised, “medium” sized penis, with neatly trimmed pubic hair.

It’s flaccid at first and hangs beautifully over a relaxed and sagging, cleanly shaven scrotum. I begin with small, light kisses near the base and work my way down one side of the balls and up the other, relishing the feeling the length of meat brushing across my nose and cheek. Then, when I see it beginning to stir, I start using my tongue. Up and down the shaft, over and under the balls, pausing to lick and kiss the head, taking a little into my mouth at a time. I grasp the growing tool with my hand and begin long, slow strokes as I suck more and more of it in.

At this point, the woman is sucking my rock-hard-cock at the same time and the feeling is just out of this world. I become more and more excited and really get into the feeling of this joint in my mouth.

I alternate to running my tongue down the shaft, around those gorgeous balls, back up the shaft and playfully flicking the engorged head, tasting pre-cum and losing my mind. I really start to hammer this rod, taking it into my throat as far as it will go without gagging me, faster and faster, deeper and deeper, until suddenly a burst of fluid fills my entire mouth faster than I can swallow and spills down my chin.

I then start cumming myself, over and over, each convulsion harder than the last, that little muscle between my nads and my anus beginning to cramp, until I’m empty and the woman is licking errant drops of semen off of my own sac.

And there the fantasy ends. You’ll notice my entire occupation is with the male organ, not the male. I just cannot envision my hands on any other part of another man’s body, just the cock. It doesn’t disgust or dispel me, it just doesn’t appeal to me, doesn’t really do anything for me.

So tell me, am I crazy? Should I tell my wife about this fascination? Or should I continue to keep it to myself, hoping one glorious day I can fulfill my deepest, hottest fantasy without her ever knowing?

I guess I’m a little conflicted, but not overly distraught. Like I’ve said, this is only a fantasy, not an obsession. So what’s your take on my little predicament? Any thoughts, advise, admonitions? I also wouldn’t mind if you wanted to add this to your fantastic blog in an attempt to solicit other opinions, but I don’t expect it. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I really do appreciate it, even if you don’t wish to comment.

Please keep up the good work and know that I’m out here, “hanging” on your every word.”

This does sound like a bit of a mental pickle for you (no pun intended).

From what else you have told me, I know that you and your wife are still exploring your sexuality and discovering new things. This is great! It’s very important to have a relationship where you can trust your partner and feel comfortable trying new things and revealing your deepest desires, even if your partner might not be up to fulfilling them right away.

I can understand why you might feel shy about sharing this particular fantasy with your wife. Some women might feel uncomfortable with such a fascination and/or fear that they may lose their husband to another man. But when you have built up a relationship of trust and free disclosure (as it sounds like you have), this should be less of a concern.

However, there are some things you should think about before you consider revealing this fascination to your wife, such as- is this something you really want to try? or is this just a fantasy?

Many people have fantasies that they really enjoy thinking about while they masturbate. For example, many women fantasize about having less-than-consensual sex (or being raped) but wouldn’t actually want to experience such a thing. Some fantasies are better in your imagination than they would be in real life.

So, before you tell your wife about this particular fantasy, you need to figure out how serious you are about your desire to suck cock. That way you can really explain it to her properly.

If you decide to keep this a secret from your wife, you will also need to think about how serious you are about wanting to fulfill your “deepest hottest” fantasy without allowing your wife to take part in it – either through participating, watching, or even by just knowing about it. Maybe I’m just naive romantic, but it seems like such a shame to leave your life partner out of such an important fantasy for you.

Perhaps you two could work into this fantasy slowly – for example, by having your wife wear a strap-on with a soft cock attachment for you to suck and play with.
Maybe “accidentally” rent/download some guy on guy blow job porn to watch with her and ease into the idea of introducing something new to your relationship.

Good Luck and I hope I helped! ^_^

[You might also enjoy reading the blog Sharing Dee, where Joe talks about not only sharing his wife with other men, but also having some fun with these male extras himself.]

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Comment from vatum & vixen
Time January 9, 2006 at 5:29 am

Now this was just yummy!
Love it.

So did you think about our request for an article? we are both very interested on the columnist’s review.


Comment from Numb
Time January 9, 2006 at 7:10 pm

Great advice Shay. :-) This is a great post and a great fantasy.

Comment from Big Ed
Time January 9, 2006 at 11:37 pm

That is some good advice there…

Speaking as someone who has actually done that…it was waaaay more fun than I had hoped :-)

Keep dispensing the good advice! I’m a big believer in the fact that the more people get laid on a regular basis, the less oerall problems people have :-)


Comment from Shay
Time January 10, 2006 at 12:33 am

V&V – the feeldoe? I’d love to test one, but I have no one to test it with! Why don’t you come on over here to help me vixen?

Switch – thanks! ^_^

big ed – thanks so much for your input! (and your sweet compliment)
I agree, if people had more good sex they world could be a better place.

Comment from Adam
Time January 12, 2006 at 3:00 am

This is something my wife and I have almost tried, but our nerve failed us mid-grope, dammit. She thinks the idea is hot, and knows I’m bi, so I’m sure not ruling it out!

Comment from Sheen V
Time January 13, 2006 at 2:19 pm

I’ve had a similar fantasy – I’m servicing a very dominant woman and she wants me to give the other guy a bj, not for my pleasure, but for her pleasure – the hotter I make him, the hotter it makes her, and the more likely I’ll get a reward from her.

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