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Fellatio Frustrations

I feel like I’m cheating you when my posts are too short, so I’ve decided to pair these two questions about blowjobs together. Even though they are about different issues and are from different readers, they do have two things in common: 1. they’re both about BJs and 2. both questions and answers are short!
Enjoy! ^_^

I have a question about how to improve on blowjob technique? My boyfriend recently asked me if I could hum while going down on him. I just started giggling when I heard the request — I mean, what was I supposed to hum? Mary Had a Little Lamb? Was I supposed to make horny throaty noises like a porn star? (very not me), practice my scales? Stay at Middle C? what? I was wondering if you could help a girl out.Tips? Suggestions?

haha I think you are over-thinking the humming a little bit - you don’t have to necessarily hum a song or even hum the whole time. A few “mmmMMMmmm’s” every so often will do more for him than steady humming - think “mmm that tastes good” in your head and just hum the “mmm” part out loud haha.

There are a few other things you could try to spice things up that might make you feel a little less silly: you could try tapping his shaft with your fingers while the head is in your mouth, or try using a vibe on his shaft. I have a few more tips HERE as well.

I hope that helps!

Next Question:

I like to swallow if I’m really turned on and with a steady partner but I don’t feel that it’s a safe sex practice if it’s casual sex. Shay, what is the likelihood of catching an STD which gets absorbed by the lining of your stomach?

Well, ejaculate has to travel a long and treacherous route before it reaches the acidic environment of your stomach, and here is where most of the risk lies.

If STI or HIV infected semen gets into a cut (like a teeny tiny abrasion from brushing or flossing), a sore, an ulcer, or even an inflammation somewhere in the lining of the mouth and/or throat, an infection can occur. So you’re right, swallowing is not very safe with casual sex partners and the acid in your stomach certainly won’t save you.

You should know that it also goes both ways - someone could have syphilis sores at the back of their throat and not even know it, but still pass it on to the next person they blow.

Yikes! This is why it’s advisable to use condoms and dental dams when you’re having oral sex with people whose infection status you can’t be sure of.

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