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Archive for June, 2006

Film Fridays 30 – Canadian Propaganda

In honour of Canada Day I’ve selected a few commercials showcasing a little Candiana.You’re getting 4 (let me know if I kill your browser) because I just couldn’t settle on 1 or 2 that I liked best.Enjoy^_^

Ironically, I don’t even like this brand of beer – I prefer Labatt Blue. But Canadian has the best [...]

Canada Day HNT

This weekend is Canada Day Weekend
(pssst July 1st is Canada Day)
So I dug out my special bandana to try on today, I’m going to wear it to school/work on Friday ^_^
This weekend I’ll be out at my friend’s place on the lake, drinkin’, tannin’, readin’, eatin’ and possibly enjoying fireworks (and using apostrophes instead of [...]

CockBlogging Wednesday 30

That’s right! The big 30! That’s a whole month’s worth of cocks!
This week’s cock comes from a new reader:
“I just discovered your blog, I usually avoid blogs like the plague, but I have really enjoyed yours, keep up the good work.
Anyway I thought I’d send in a pic of my [...]

A Little Girl-on-Girl – Yuri Hentai

Not too long ago I told you about Yaoi hentai, a type of hentai showcasing male-male relationships. The corresponding style to Yaoi is Yuri hentai – with stories of lesbian relationships.
Actually, two words are used to describe anime/hentai with female-female romantic relationships: Yuri usually is used when referring to more explicit sex between two [...]

Insert *Caption* Here (yes it’s show and tell time!)

I keep hearing that you all are loving this gameand well…I’m more than willing to keep playing,as long as you are too.^_~
In case you’re new, here’s the deal:I Show you a picture:
And you Tell me what you think the characters are thinking and/or saying.Aaaaand Go!

tags: sperm, cum, ejaculating, ejaculate,handjob,hand job, jerk off, hentai

Reader Question – Blow Me… Please

“Hi Shay,

I’ve been in a relationship for almost 10 years, we have an active sex life, not adventurous, but regular.
One thing I do want to do is to receive a Blowjob, My partner won’t do anything related to my cock and her mouth, says that she doesn’t like it, She won’t elaborate. Now I’ve tried [...]

Kegel Ninja Now Available!

That’s right friends!
Kegel Ninja merch is now available in the S Spot Shop!
There’s even some tops featuring the design created for me by the Amazing Artful Dodger!
As always, please e-mail (or leave a comment) if you want the design put on a different top than the ones they are on at the moment and I’ll [...]

Film Fridays 29 – GOOOAAAAL!

I wasn’t going to, I really wasn’t…But the World Cup doesn’t come ’round every week.
So here are two sexy football themed vids for your viewing pleasure this week.
One with gents:
and one with ladies:
^_^What can I say, I’m a sucker for men with balls.
[As always, more film Fridays goodness HERE]
porn, video, sex, film Fridays, world cup, [...]

Something about a HNT

I feel like I’ve been lounging around a lot in m HNTs lately.
I promise I’ll throw in an active shot next week,but this week’s excuse is that I’m sick.
I started coming down with something last Friday, the back of my throat was all icky and weird and I felt all weak and sleepy.Now I’ve progressed [...]

CockCuntBlogging Wednesdays 6

Another wonderful woman was willing (that’s a lot of W’s!) to send in a picture showing off her pretty pussy for cuntblogging wednesdays. Hurray!
This anonymous reader hopes that her picture will encourage other women to play too! ^_^
Give your cock or cunt some time in the spotlight – Send a picture to me( [email protected] ); [...]