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Archive for February, 2006

Classic S Spot

In lieu of writing a real post for today (see below), please enjoy a little “classic S Spot” from back when I used to write for the Ontarion. The original article was published in January 05.I promise that I have a real snazzy post that I should be publishing Tuesday night for your reading pleasure. [...]


Yes, I know that I have been REALLY slack in my updating lately. But! I have good news and bad news for you all now.
The good news is that I’m back from my mini vacation (which was rather busy and exciting) and am back at my own place, with the lovely fast internet connection!
The bad [...]

Sugasm 23

The best of the blogs by the bloggers who blog them, this week starting with the letter S. If you haven’t checked out the new FAQ, give it a look – it takes effect next week.
Secret Audio Reads: Right Now (…)Sex in the News – Lit for the Clit (…)So, You Want to Touch My [...]

Film Fridays 12 – New Olympic Sport?

(pic not from video but you’ll see how it applys when you watch it)
Click HERE to watch the video

Personally, I don’t think I would like to be in a contest like this, I’m all about the quality, not the quantity. But that’s not to say that this isn’t a significant accomplishment for this woman. [...]

HNT: Canceled Due to Snow

Yay Team Canada!

I’m taking the day off today to relax, get some studying done, and maybe do a little cross country skiing.
(feel free to leave me a message, say hi, ask a question – I would love the break from studying)

Half naked Thursday, Half-Nekkid Thursday, HNT, naked, sex blog

CockCuntBlogging Wednesday 3

Cancelled due to Snow!

It’s springbreak for me! I’m off skiing today!
But I did manage to snag this snuggly snow snooch for you
(okay it’s not really snuggly, but I couldn’t’ resist the alliteration).

Have a Great Day!
cockbloggingwednesday, cock, photo, cockblogging, V Day, vagina, pussy, cunt, snow

The Importance of Teamwork.

Upon popping open my Laptop the other evening I was met with this message from one of my friends:JP says:My friend and me are sitting here debating sex. The question is… is it a mans responsibility to make a woman have an orgasm or is it the woman’s?We both agree society puts the responsibility on [...]

What? No "Cute" Option?!

Tell me what you think of me ^_^click HERE
yoinked from the decadent Des

Sugasm # 22

The best of the blogs by the bloggers who blog them,this week starting with the letter “Q”.Yes, it’s running late today. From now on, could everyone use the official form? – it takes too long to handle submissions otherwise.

Queens and Holy Bitches (…)Removal Procedures (…)The Seduction (…)Sex in Libraries: An Introduction (…)Shopping Trip (…)Slave For [...]

Good Evening Sir… Can I Get You a Robe?

A lot of factors can contribute to the development of sleepwalking; a stressful lifestyle, sleep deprivation, alcohol abuse, and snoring are all factors that can increase the likelihood that someone will sleepwalk.
Sleepwalking usually happens within the first few hours of sleep; the brain goes the sleep and the body goes on autopilot, usually repeating actions [...]