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Toy Review - ilo Vibe!

Check out my Video Review of the Ilo Vibe from Eden Fantasys:

How do you guys like these video reviews?

4 comments to Toy Review – ilo Vibe!

  • Video reviews are great! You have a pretty voice, Shay. I just felt all your crossfades were too sudden, you were cutting off the ends of your sentences.

  • Eromante

    Very fine, but you should keep the conclusions in the post (a shortened version of What I liked, What I didn’t like, This toy would be great for and above all Rating), because many people may have reasons not to see the vid (too many pending vids, blind people, not in the mood…) and the post would still be useful.

  • looksleft

    I have to say I find these videos a little awkward… I loved reading your writing shay, and it’s a little weird watching a chest present a vide about a vibrator. I don’t want to sound harsh, but I honesty believe your strength is in your writing, not your presenting, but I agree with above that you have a really pretty voice, but uness it’s a little more rehearsed and we can see an actua face taking, I think stick with the written reviews…

  • InnocentMind

    These videos may possibly be edited by edenfantasys rather than Shay. I doubt Shay would cut herself off like that. ^.^

    I don’t mind the faceless reviews since a bit of privacy is nice considering how some people view sex and sexuality. Shay’s voice is nice, but a better mic for the voice pickup would help a lot. The sound seems muted and there’s a bit of echo from the room.

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