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Toy Review - Rhythm O Triple Kiss

We’re still experiencing issues with uploading images,
but writing posts seems to be working now!
So while we wait for the long-overdue Cocktoberfest closing ceremonies, allow me to entertain you with a new toy review!

The Rhythm O Triple Kiss from California Exotics has a long name, but that’s because it has A LOT of features.  For instance: the entire shaft is lined with rotating beads, the shaft rotates at 3 different speeds, the clit stim has 3 nubs (hence the “triple kiss”), you can control the shaft rotation and clit vibration independently of one another, there are 7 fantastic vibration programs, AND, if you aren’t sure what you feel like, you can press the “hot” button and a random combination of shaft rotation and clit vibration will be selected for you!

The whole thing runs on 4 AAA batteries, and the shaft/clit stim are made of phthalate-free TPE.  It’s a fairly thick toy, so be cautious if you’re a smaller girl or are considering using this one for anal play.

What I liked:  I liked the depth of the shaft rotation, I’ve said before that rotating shafts sometimes make me nauseous, but this one was just fine. I also enjoyed the thickness of the shaft; I’m a smaller girl, but I find that I have no problem with thicker toys if I’m properly warmed up before I start using them.  I loved the vibration programs – there’s one that’s like a roller-coaster: the vibration builds and builds and builds and then drops away, and then builds and builds again..etc – very awesome!  I also thought the “Hot” button was a fun touch.

What I didn’t like: My roommate wasn’t home, so it wasn’t a big deal, but this is certainly not one of my quieter toys.  It’s better with the shaft rotation off (that’s always pretty noisy) though.

This toy would be great for: rabbit vibe enthusiasts!  It’s easy to use, has some excellent vibration programs; but it’s not terribly quiet, so wouldn’t be great for someone who needs to be sneaky with their toys.

Triple Kiss gets an enthusiastic 7 out of 10:

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