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I have two questions:
I bought my gf some “wonder balls” and the description of the clerk was that they were toning and massaging marbles. By what we figure by the illustrations, they are inserted into the vagina for periods of time. My question is how long is it still safe to use? they’re like solid blue glass marbles, and she’s even slept with them on, but I have my wonders…

And the second one was referring to an orgasm she had two weeks ago. We were in the shower and she had a rush when she climaxed, she poured down a lot of blood. She said she really couldn’t help it, but what she was really worried about was that when the blood came down, she felt it really strong, and she was scared to maybe even have broken something. What do you think?

As long as the balls are glass (or phthalate free) I don’t think there should be any harmful effects if she wanted to wear them all day.  It’s not the kind of toy that constricts blood flow or that would leak any harmful chemicals – so as long as it’s comfortable, she can wear them as long as she wants.  Though she may find that her vaginal muscles get tired, so she’ll want to take breaks.

As for your other question, you two don’t need to worry.  Sex is great when a woman is on her period because it eases cramps and can help the bleeding finish sooner.   This is partly because the flared head of the penis sorta pulls fluid and material out of the vaginal canal (see HERE) AND because of something neat that often happens when a woman orgasms…

When a woman orgasms, her internal muscles will often pulse and/or clench (which might also help push blood out), but the major thing is that her cervix tents – it flexes and opens wider for a moment.  This could be why suddenly a whole bunch of blood poured out of her.  This kind of deluge can happen, but doesn’t always – it depends on the circumstances (how heavy her flow is, whether you pulled out, etc etc).

I hope that helps answer your questions!

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