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No One Likes a Knock in the Junk

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Dear and beloved Shay, I was chatting with some guys yesterday and they came out with a video of girls kicking each other in the vaginas. What surprised me was how bad the girls reacted to the kicking. They just got to the floor with the face like they were heavily in pain. Just like the same way we do when we’re kicked in the balls.

I didn’t know that a kick there would hurt that bad. And here it comes the question….why does it hurt that much?? I don’t know anything about the female anatomy and that was just too surprising to me, I thought the closest part of your body that’s remotely sensible as our balls were your inner genitalia, and well, that’s well protected. I can understand the vagina being a sensible zone but, to that extend?

Just in case, and since it’s the other way around for you I’ll describe the feelings from a male perspective (You probably heard this already =/ ): – When we are immediately hit “in the nuts”, we feel a sharp pain, kind of like when you got a cut. But that’s just the easy part, after that a strong and uncomfortable feeling of something trying to pull out the lower part of your stomach area assaults you, it is very intense and painful. Also, the balls are sensitive (the bad way) for a while. Does it feel like anything similar there?

And that’s it.

I hope you don’t mind this kind of question, as I feel you can do a better and more trustworthy search on the matter than myself.

From a male lurker with Love.

Kicking each other in the vagina?! Oh god! Why are there so many stupid people doing stupid stuff and filming it?!

As a girl I once slipped on my bike and slammed my crotch into the crossbar of my bike and BOY DID IT HURT!!

Despite not having balls, we women do have a lot of nerves in our crotches as well; actually, if you have a look at this diagram here – a lot of our structures that can get hurt when a man gets whacked in the crotch are the same in women.  The clitoris (a woman’s major nerve junction down there) also has branches that extend down, underneath the labia – and it would suck pretty hard to hurt that area as well.

In conclusion, a good knock to the crotch can bring most anyone to tears, regardless of gender.  I think guys just make a bigger deal out of it because their balls seems so much more vulnerable – being so important for reproduction and just kinda hanging around out there and all, I can see how that might make you guys nervous.

I hope that answers your question! haha

clickthrough to see the hilarious animation

5 comments to No One Likes a Knock in the Junk

  • Thank you for saying this! I think it is annoying as heck when guys assume that women cannot feel pain when wacked in the vagina. Uh.. Yes. Yes we can.

  • Hmm. I don’t think my balls have ever been sensible. ;)

  • InnocentMind

    It’s also worth mentioning that, for women, a hard blow to the breast is sometimes just as painful as a shot to the crotch.

  • mandy

    when i was around 10yrs old i fell off a bike and hit my crotch on the back tire. it hurt something awful and i bruised myself but luckily i didn’t have serious injury to my girly bits..but omg, i still hurt just thinkin about it. and innocentmind is right, the breast area is a very sensitive location for girls..

  • Rikko

    Wow, you’ve posted it Shay. O____O

    I can’t believe I’m reading this online. I know, stupid question but hey, if you didn’t know you have to ask.

    And the world is full of weirdos doing stupid things. This is nothing, 2Girls1Cup is a little reminder that some people is just plain sick.

    Lucky we have nice gals and guys like Shay to help us all. ;)

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