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Cockblogging Wednesday 189

Tomorrow is Canada Day!
So, in celebration, I’ve given our submitter a little Canadiana to cover himself up with – of course, you can always clickthrough to see him… “in the rough”


“Dear Shay, I’ve been a big fan of your blog for a few years now, so it’s high time [...]

Beavers Like to Win Toys

Did you know that today is your last day to enter The S Spot’s Beat the Heat – Win a Toy giveaway?

Diary of a Futa (pt 11)

A new entry already?!

You must be pretty lucky readers!

If you want a refresher on what’s currently happening with our Futa girls, you’d better go back to part 10.
If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you might want to go all the way back to read some of [...]

Cockblogging Wednesday 188

This week’s submission is from my backup files because I am really starting to run low on CBW photos!

You know, I do have a contest going on right now and, if you’d like, instead of telling me the sexy way that you like to beat the heat, you could snap a [...]

Toy Review - Remote Vibrating Panties

Bullet vibes are fine, but I’ve always thought they’d be more fun without the crazy long  (or too short) wire hooking the controller up to the actual bullet – you know, something you could hand off to a partner if you wanted to have some discrete fun in public places.  Something, like Babeland’s Remote Vibe [...]

Beat The Heat - Win a Toy! - CONTEST NOW CLOSED

The summer is almost officially here,
but it’s already heating up like crazy!

We all have our own methods for cooling off when the temperature outside starts making things hot and sticky.

Some people like to wear a little clothing as possible
Some people make ice dildos
Some people jump in the pool

Our friends [...]

Cockblogging Wednesday 187

Whoa, the way the edit worked out on this week’s image ended up making it kinda trippy
it does help illustrate one of the two things chocolate icing is good for.
To view the other thing, you’ll have to clickthrough ^_~



“Hi there, I’m a fellow canuck and I thought I [...]

Afraid of Anal Play

“My Girlfriend is into anal play. She likes to play with me in that area plus she wants me to play with her there also. I am not at all comfortable with her playing with that area on me, but it is something she really enjoys and REALLY wants to do. I just can’t let [...]

Cuntblogging Wednesday 51

Are you looking at this week’s cover-up and shouting
“WTF is that Shay?!” at your montior?

Well, first of all – calm down!
Second, it’s an egg tart (actually 2 egg tarts)!  One of my favouritest desserts!
There’s a Chinese bakery not far from the office where I’m working for the summer that makes some [...]

Toy Review – Inspire

I like the idea of having vibes that plug in, like the Inspire, sent to me by my friends at California Exotics.  Plug-in vibes don’t ask that you have spare batteries kicking around, all they ask is that you have an outlet relatively near to your bed (or couch, or kitchen table? – [...]