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Coming Together and Maybe not With Others

My boyfriend and me were able to cum at the same time for the first time yesterday. I really liked it but it has never happened before. In order for me to cum I have to have intense stimulation of my clit so I used a electric toothbrush on my clit while i am in the cowgirl position facing him. I want to be able to have us cum at the same time again so I was wondering if you had any tips for me on how to make it so we can cum at the same time again.

Also I had always wanted to have a threesome. I have never had a boyfriend completely agree with it before until my boyfriend now. He only said it needs to be someone we trust. I always wanted to but now that i have a chance to I dont know if i actualy want to I feel really jealous even thinking about him doing something to another girl and i feel kinda weird about thinking about another guy doing stuff to me because I love my boyfriend so much. So im torn between the fact that I really want to try it and and the fact that I feel very jealous and weird about it. I was hoping you would have some advice for me about it.

Congrats on being able to come at the same time while you two were having sex – that’s always a pretty cool experience!  It sounds like what you might want to invest in is some sort of hands-free clit stim that you can use while you’re having sex.  Something like THIS or THIS or THESE might do the trick so that you don’t have to worry about holding a vibe against your clit while you’re trying to have sex and should open up a few more position options for you as well.

As for the threesome idea, it sounds like this might not be something you want to try right now in your relationship.  I’m sure there will be other times in your life where you’ll have a chance to try it out, but if you feel at all like it would make you jealous to see your boyfriend having sex with another woman, then I don’t think you should do it.   It’s not worth risking your relationship just for one night’s experience.

I think reading this post might help you as well: (make sure you also click the hot links to other related posts).  A threesome might be a fun fantasy that you two could play with using your imaginations (or a blow up doll, I’ve tried that and it was kinda fun/funny), but, to me, it sounds like you shouldn’t make it a reality right now.

A threesome may be something you two could try later on, or maybe you’ll decide that this is something that should just stay a fantasy – but it’s better not to rush into something that you might not be ready for emotionally.

I hope that helps!

1 comment to Coming Together and Maybe not With Others

  • Chry

    I agree with Shay in that respect that you should not risk anything you might feel sorry about later. But I think there are two question that could help you to find a solution:
    1. What is it that makes you want to have a threesome? And is there any other option how you can get that? For example: if you would like to have someone watching, you could try a swingers’ club (if you are old enough)
    2. What is it that makes you anxious about it? Is it him penetrating her? Or the very thought of another person touching your boyfriend? If it affects only some aspects, you could try to agree with your boyfriend on what is ok, and if you find a third person who is willing to accept these conditions you might give it a go…
    Just my thoughts on this. Hope I could help.

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