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Toy Review - G-Ki

Almost out of the blue, my friends at Eden Fantasys sent me an e-mail asking if I’d like to try out one of their newer toys, the G-Ki.  After reading a short description, I was intrigued and quickly agreed to investigate this G-spot toy for my readers. ^_~  It arrived in a non-descript cardboard box (which is pretty much de rigeur these days) just days later and I wasted no time unwrapping it.

G-ki comes in a very nice black storage box, tied with a black ribbon.  Inside, the bed for the vibe can be removed to reveal the instructions and charger.  I am a huge fan of rechargeable toys (esp when they arrive pre-charged) and I thought it was SO cool that G-ki doesn’t even have a plug to insert; you just plug the charger into the wall socket and rest the vibe on the charging dock – it charges through it’s buttons!  Since it has no hole for a plug, it’s also nicely waterproof which means you don’t have to worry about getting it too wet when you’re cleaning it (or using it).

The other neat thing about this vibe is that it’s adjustable – there’s one pressure point that you push to adjust the angle of the “head” and another to adjust the angle of the neck so that you can set it up just right for you.  The toy is covered (except for the buttons) with body safe soft silicone too, so it has a nice, silky texture.  But enough about its stats, let’s get on with the review!

What I liked:  To begin with, I though that the vibe, overall, was a really good size.  It was perfect for insertion, with its slightly bulbous head and thinner shaft. The buttons were easy to access and use to adjust the speed (5 speeds + 5 pulse settings = hawt!).  I found that this toy was also relatively quiet, despite being excellently powerful.  I liked that, while it did vibrate all along the whole vibe, the vibrations weren’t too intense inside me (which is good), and were nicely intense on the outside, where the body of the vibe was pressed against my clit.  I think the charger is cool too and I liked being able to “customize” the toy a little, by bending it to my will suit my needs.

What I didn’t like: My only complaint is that I had some trouble trying to adjust the toy once it got slick with lubey stuff, so you’ll want to keep something handy to dry it off if you want to adjust it in the middle of playing with it.

This Toy Would be Great for: anyone who has found that the g-spot/insertion vibes they’ve been trying just aren’t cutting it – it’s really nice when you can adjust a toy to fit better with you body, since all of us are built just a little differently from one another.  ^_^

G-ki earned itself a 9 out of 10:

product picture
G-spot and clitoral vibrator by Je Joue
Material: Silicone

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