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Which Sex Country Would You Live In?

I’ve been sitting on this link for a while.
So if you haven’t already checked out this neat interactive Sex Map you should def have a look.

How many green pins did YOU get to put in?

10 comments to Which Sex Country Would You Live In?

  • Sonimon

    Best. Map. Ever.

    Loved the “Sex With Jesus” point in the Islands of the Imaginary. I wonder just how many people want to have sex with Jesus, and what their religious denominations are. I’m sure it’d be fascinating to find out.

  • Julien

    You remember that movie a few years back called “The Bucket List”? Well, I think “The Sex Map” would make for a pretty good porno flick. Nice find, Shay.

  • InnocentMind

    Hrm, there needs to be another pin. A ‘done it but not partial to, however willing to do it again’.

    Also, no pin fetish?

  • Anon

    i love the bucket list porno idea – so great!
    is it wrong that i needed a ‘o hell naw’ pin for some points on the map?
    but this is really fun

  • LOL, this is fun! XD LOVE IT!

  • mizztcasa

    brilliant concept!

    i would tour several places in sex continent – land of the o’s (must stop); erotic massage; bi-land (i couldn’t see all the name…but i hope there’s a place where all bi lives since apparently we don’t exist here on earth (*being sarcastic)

    of course for now i’m in the virgin isles. ;)

  • InnocentMind

    Don’t worry, virginity can be cured. ^.^

  • Ah.
    A world traveler for sure.
    Rock on!

  • Milky

    apparently I’ve been around. alot.

  • Pommy

    I loved it! But…, i actually couldn’t find one of my fetishes. ;)

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