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Toy Review – Blue Bird Bullet

I was a little confused at first when I started writing this review, because the toy’s name on its box is “Sophia’s Fluttering Hummer”, but it’s listed on Babeland‘s site as the Blue Bird Bullet.  So, for simplicity’s sake, let’s just call it the Bird Bullet, okay?

Both of the Bird Bullet’s names fit – it is a bullet designed with squishy Thermoplastic Elastomer to look like a blue bird – in fact, a blue HUMMing bird. ^_~  My first thought was that the bird’s little beak would make a great clit stim, so I popped a couple of AA’s into the hand controller and got ready to try it out.  The control system is pretty simple, it’s just a dial on a remote that you turn with your thumb, and the whole thing is wired to the bird.

What I liked:  The first thing I was impressed with was how quiet this toy was, even on the highest setting I doubt you would hear me using it, unless you were in the same room as me.   The controls were also really easy to use, pretty much unconsciously you can adjust the dial to find the intensity that you like best.   Which brings me to the other thing that blew me away about this toy – how powerful it was.  I kept thinking that the dial was going to stop turning, but my little bird kept vibrating harder and harder and harder!

What I didn’t like: I think my one disappointment was that the bird’s beak really didn’t vibrate, but as I moved the bird’s body lower I quickly forgot about that issue.  (The beak redeemed itself later when I realized that it works for a little “just-the-tip” penetration while you use the bullet.)

This toy would be great for: someone looking for their first vibe, or if you need a stand-by for when you don’t feel like using something bigger.

I was impressed by this Blue Bird Bullet, it fluttered its way into a top stop in my drawer and to a 9 out of 10:

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