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Product Review – Afterglow Toy Wipes

As you know, I have a pretty big toy collection, and it’s important to keep every item clean after use so that it’s ready for the next time I want to pull it out of the drawer. As you also know, I’m a pretty busy girl, so sometimes it’s a huge pain to have to hand wash stuff at the sink (especially with a roommate kicking around – awkward!*).  Thank goodness my friends at Babeland sent me these nifty Afterglow Toy/Personal Wipes – pre moistened and ready to go.

The tissues come in a compact soft plastic wrapping with a plastic tab that you lift to pull out a tissue and then re-seal (to preserve freshness/moistness ^_~).  The tissues are pre-soaked with water, aloe, and disinfectant anti-bacterials.  The tissues don’t really have much of a scent either, which is nice. The tissues can be used on toys or on people (externally only please), but I only tested them on my toys.

What I liked:  The tissues felt like they were of good quality: they were thick and soft.  I also liked that the tissues were soaked with the cleanser, but not drippy – so I could clean my vibe without dripping cleaner all over the floor/my bed/bedside table.  The toy cleaned up really well too, I didn’t feel like I needed to scrub, just gently wipe.  I really liked having a product that I could use to clean my toys and toss out, all without getting out of bed! The pack of tissues is pretty compact too, easy to tuck away in a drawer or purse (or murse!).

What I didn’t like: What’s not to like? The pack is even easy to open; though I could foresee someone perhaps having some difficulty with the tab if their fingers were super soaked in lube or something.

This item would be great for: Your bedside table or computer desk drawer – wherever you use your toys the most!

Afterglow was top notch in it’s class – a full 10/10:

*heh As I typed that I pictured myself washing a batch of toys in the kitchen and hours later my roommate looking confusedly at a dish drying rack full of dildoes and vibes and other paraphernalia. hehe

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