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The S Spot Sexy Short Story Contest Winners – The Winner!

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JD and I sure had a tough time picking a winner from all the great stories sent in for The Sexy Short Story Contest!
But in the end, the lovely Emma averaged the highest score and took home the top prize – $50 from our good friends at Eden Fantasys!

You can check out her story below, it’s called “Suck Me Once, Suck Me Twice

I should have taken it slow, I know that. I even tell myself that as we walk along the corridor. But as soon as the door closes behind me, I grab her shoulders, spin her around and claim her lips. She tenses again, but soon enough her tongue is around mine and her fingers are running through my hair. I let my hands slide down her back, cupping her ass, and she moans in my mouth. Fuck, she’s hot. I break the kiss and look down at her. Her eyes wide, she’s already panting. “I want you.” Hell, why did I say that?

She blinks up at me and then smiles. “I know.”

“I need this, Charlie,” I hear myself reply as I push her further inside the room. Leaning down, I kiss a path down her neck. She arches her back, her hands pulling my head up. This time, she’s the one kissing me, her tongue slipping into my mouth for a quick taste. I go with it willingly, enjoying the way she’s pressing herself against me, her tits crushed against my chest. And before I can utter another word, she’s sliding down my body. Her face tilted up to check my reaction, she kneels down at my feet and grins.
My dick hardens way past the point of no-return. Fuck. I need to feel her mouth around me. Now.

I guess she’s also a mind reader because with a swift move, she’s got my pants unzipped and pooling at my knees. With a low growl of anticipated pleasure, she grabs the band around my waist and slowly, so slowly it nearly kills me, draws down my boxers. “Suck me,” I find myself groaning as soon as she frees my erection. Me who wanted to take it slow. Yeah, right. I’m so far gone I can’t help but grab her hair in both hands and pull her forward.

She laughs. “Impatient much?”

“Don’t tease. Please.” I couldn’t take it. I can’t, I can’t. I need it. I need this. Please suck me. Her mouth opens and suddenly I’m there, inside where it’s warm and wet. It’s not her pussy but it’s close enough for now. “Yeah,” I growl, my fingers tightening around the back of her head. I force myself not to start pumping, knowing this would definitely kill the mood if she starts chocking. But the need is there. I feel myself tense, and suddenly she moves. Her tongue tastes me. Her teeth nip but never to the point it’d hurt. It’s just enough to edge me closer. Fingers slide down to rest on my bunched thighs, nails slowly running towards my awaiting balls. Oh fuck, she’s good.
So fucking good at this.

I haven’t been sucked this good in years. Not since the groupie days. Yeah, I remember that one time. That girl in Boston, the one we’d met in that club. What was her name again? Hell, focus, dumbass! She’s eating you and you’re trying to remember a freaking name! I open my eyes, not sure when I’d closed them…and there she is, glancing up at me. Her eyes are twinkling and she’s obviously enjoying it. All her buttons are done up, her business suit still unwrinkled as she licks a path over that vein. Yes, that one. Then her mouth closes around my cock once more and she sucks in the head, her throat my new destination.

That’s it. That’s it. I push myself inside her mouth. In and out. In and out. And she takes it. I could nearly swear that she’s smiling up at me. And that’s when the memory hits me.

That girl. Her name had been…Charlie.


Some stats from the contest:
Avg story score: 6.7/10
High score: 8.5/10

Lowest score: 4.8/10

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