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The S Spot Sexy Short Story Contest Winners – First Runner Up!

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Our friend Prospero couldn’t help but get in on the action with his entry in The S Spot’s Sexy Short Story Contest.
Good thing too, since JD and I thought his story was definitely good enough to make him our first runner up!
He’s won a sexy Bondage Kit from our friends at Eden Fantasys.

Check out his entry:

The rain has made everything in the park smell like wet leaves and potting soil. We’ve been walking after breakfast at the diner. I had coffee and a muffin. You had juice and half a cantaloupe. When we left, you bummed a quarter off me for the vending machines and now you’re wearing a black plastic ring shaped like a spider.

You grab my arm and pull me behind the nearest tree. With a finger to your lips, you nod toward the clearing. There, on a green blanket, pink and disheveled, lay two young lovers. His shirt is unbuttoned and his pants and underwear are pulled down past his knees. She is wearing a burgundy print dress unbuttoned down the front. I can see the man’s hand cupping one naked breast as she sits over him, slowly stroking his cock. Your grip on my arm is tight as if to say, “We’re staying.”

The woman makes short work of him, first with her mouth, then with her hands. We both see his body grow rigid. There! His upper body jerks and jerks as she first sucks, then licks at him.

I can’t believe we’re watching this. I move behind you and press up close. The man kneels between the woman’s legs. His hand is under her skirt. I can see the fabric moving and can only imagine what his fingers… no, his thumb… is doing there. He bends down to plant the first kiss, pushing back her dress and exposing her wetness to the sun and to our wide eyes.

I can’t help but think how quiet this all is. I know the familiar sounds of my tongue licking you — the sticky clicks — but can’t hear a thing from them. As we watch him bury his face in her, I think I hear a bicycle bell. Ding.

Life’s short. I pull your shorts and panties down to your knees. You gasp but don’t turn around. You rise up on your toes and move your feet apart as I slip my hand between your legs from the rear. There’s the smooth spots, the hair… and there’s the wet! My left hand clutches your left hand, both pressing into the dark, rough tree bark. My right hand is buried between your legs, fingers diving into the warm slippery slick.

I look over your shoulder, past the tree to the clearing. I know you’re still watching as the man slides up over the woman and kisses her. For the first time, I hear a sound from them — they both inhale sharply as he enters her.

Purposely or not, the pace has started to exactly match the couple’s pace — your back and forth dance on my fingers matching the man’s thrusting in and out of his lover. Faster and harder, on and on. Your left hand clutches mine so tight that our knuckles are white on white.

There’s a nanosecond in which I know it’s about to happen… and then it does. As the blanket lovers groan and shake together, your knees give a little and your body shivers. You cover your mouth by clamping it down onto your arm. As it passes, you move more slowly on my fingers… and finally let go of my bloodless left hand.

You turn around and kiss me. “They’re leaving,” I whisper, looking past your flushed face for a second to where the couple is quickly dressing. And just like that, they’re gone. You pull up your shorts. We, too, start to walk away.

“Wait,” you say, turning back. “I dropped my spider ring!”

And as I look back at you, bending to pick up the ring, I see a flash of color in the bushes just beyond. A branch snaps, leaves rustle. And I think I hear someone say, “Shhh.” I smile and take your hand.

“Let’s go.”

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