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Bedroom Trades


I recently posted some ideas for a reader who wanted to know how she could get her partner to give her want she wants in bed…

And that got me thinking.

How do you get what you want in bed?

Do you try to subtly hint?
Do you demand?
Do you turn it into a guessing game? (cold, warmer, warmer, hot!)

I wanna know!!

Why don’t you get what you want in bed sometimes?
Were you too shy to ask?
Did you just give up on your partner’s clulessness?
Were you afraid to hurt your partner’s feelings?

[P.S.  I've also turned this into a poll over at Eden Fantasys]

5 comments to Bedroom Trades

  • Not only do I communicate in the bedroom, but I like planting seeds – via email, twitter, my blog – it is my wish box. My lovers are attentive and deliver. Ask and ye shall receive!

  • Hugo

    My gf lately likes to experiment new things, so, in the heat of the moment, i’ve tried new things and she has agreed to them (for example, anal sex)
    but i don’t plan beforehand, the “ideas” just pop in my head at the time and i try them.

  • Emily

    Sometimes, I have trouble asking for what I want, because I’m too into things to really think. So what’s going on, feels good, but maybe in retrospect it could’ve been better, but at the time, that’s not really what I’m working for at times. Maybe I’m too focused on the moment too care about the goal? But in general I try for general hints – moan louder here etc. And then encourage honest discussion afterwards, which usually leads to more sex. Which, I’m pretty much pleased with. So everybody wins.

  • Maikeru

    Usually I get around to asking what they like during mischievous activities which interrupt more G-rated activities. ^_^ After they answer they typically ask me what I like.

  • Maikeru

    er…that should read, “After they answer, they…”

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