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Product Review – Stripteuse Set

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Believe or not, I don’t think I’ve ever preformed a proper strip-tease (usually I just follow the natural progression of pre/mid-sex clothing removal) – so I was interested to check out the Stripteuse set, sent to me by my friends at Babeland.

The whole thing comes in a nice little tin (easy and discrete storage) – when I opened the tin I found the following goodies: a CD of strip-tease music, a long black feather boa, a package of open-nipple red rhinestone star pasties, a red satin garter, and fake money that your partner can use to show their appreciation.  It’s pretty much everything you need for a strip tease (except for heels and some clothes to strip off, I guess haha).

After popping the CD into my computer and checking out the 4 songs on it, I decided to use my own music. Then I checked out youtube for some video tips to give me some ideas for my performance.  I found a pal to enjoy my show, gave them the fake money, then picked out an outfit, stuck on the pasties, slipped on the garter, and wrapped the boa around my shoulders – I was ready to put on my little striptease!

What I liked: I absolutely loved how the pasties looked on me, they were totally cute and gorgeous – if you’re ever feeling down and need something you make you feel uber sexy, I suggest pasties. The garter and boa were fun too, esp the garter – I felt like it was good quality.  I love the idea of having this whole strip-tease in a can, ready to spring out at a moment’s notice!  As I mentioned above, it’s a pretty complete strip-tease set.

What he liked: my performance! He thought the fake bills were fun, the pasties were cute, and the garter was nice. (a direct quote)

What I didn’t like: I didn’t end up using the music on the CD only because I found 3 of the 4 songs quite cheesy.  I would have been happier with a little video tutorial on strip-teasing or at least a booklet with some suggested moves – because some of us *ahem* are used to the fact that clothes are coming off being exciting enough for our partner. While the boa was definitely a classy touch and fun to play with, I do want to mention here that it lost a lot of feathers at first; so it was a little messy and it got itchy eventually (but that’s to be expected with feathers).

This would be great for: this would make a really fun gift, either for a friend or for a partner to use with you.  We had fun playing with it, and we’re picky,  so you’ll probably like it too – as long as you’re interested in turning your clothing removal into more of an exciting show than it already is.

Stripeuse had me stripped down to my pasties! It gets a 7 out of 10:7of10

2 comments to Product Review – Stripteuse Set

  • Mia

    Wish I had seen that. ^^ Sorry, but really nice little gift.
    Now I just need a girl to buy and use the Stripteuse for her.

    I discovered your blog a few days ago and now I can’t get away from it. I really love it, because like you I love Hentai, I am not really shy and have no problem to talk about sex. And your toy reviews are great and I already ordered something.

    Sorry for my bad english, but it has been a while since I used it the last time to write something.

    Hope you never quit writing in this blog and I would like to see some more Yuri Hentai.^^ And I’m thinking about sending you a pic for your cuntblogging, maybe I’ll make some pics tomorrow.

    Thanks Shay!

  • Shay

    Hi Mia!
    Thanks for your message ^_^ Don’t worry about your english, I understand you just fine.

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