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Hey Folks!

I’m in the middle of settling into my new place at grad school, so my internet service is a little sketch right now.

Hopefully I’ll be able to post an update for you soon – but in the meantime you might have to wait until the installation guy comes to rescue us on Tuesday morning.

I know it’ll be tough, but while you wait – why don’t you all discuss in the comment section the hilarity of someone discovering what’s really in the box I have labeled “desk supplies” (hint)?

7 comments to Moves

  • Mihal Aviri

    We all know what you have in that box. We just wonder what you will be adding to it next, I need a new toy to give my girl on her birthday coming up.

  • “I could put these anal wands up there by the box of rabbit vibes, which might make logistic sense…”

  • Chris

    My question is, if someone does happen to open it looking for “Desk Supplies” as it’s labeled, what kind of person do they think you for for considering all those fun things to be desk supplies? fun vibrators and toys lying around your desk, filling up those drawers. “Oops! I left my rabbit in the other room, I need it to finish this paper!” hehe, sounds like my kind of school though =)

  • Chris

    Good luck in grad school Shay!! Study hard, but not too hard.

  • Shay

    Mihal – hmmm well I supposed I can give you a sneak peek into my review queue: I have some shapes for shaving, I have the better than chocolate vibe, and an erocilator – to name a few ;)

    Gad – haha anal wands?!

    Chris – hahaha! It’s true – I keep sex toys in and around me desk (esp ones I haven’t reviewed yet). ^_~

  • Darth

    in true porn fashion I vote for threesome. on a tangent, what are you planning on studying shay?

  • Scrappy coco

    Lol. Nice. Keep on studying!! :D

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