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CockBlogging Wednesday 157

What’s this?
Another CBW repeater?!
Well, what do you expect? My stockpile is starting to run low.
Clearly you need to send me a pic, obviously it’s a good idea – these guys (and gals) liked it so much they had to do it again!

DSCF7908censHi shay I heard you where low on CBW stuff so I decided to offer you a pic of my own cock but not being swallowed up by my fleshlight this time. But i must admit to having a motive other than exhibitionism as I wanted to ask you if there was such a thing as a fetish for sex toys. I only ask as when i was online buying lube for my fleshlight I became very distracted by some of the products mainly the rabbit vibrators and found my self becoming very turned on by them and I’m wondering if there is a name for this or whether I’m just a little bit different. Thanks for your help and i hope you like the picture.

Oh yes, there is a name for this worrisome condition,
it’s called being excited about wanking with new things and about picturing other people wanking with sexy toys.
Don’t worry, it’s not fatal and is easily cured with new toys and/or porn.


2 comments to CockBlogging Wednesday 157

  • InnocentMind

    It’s only a fetish if you can’t get excited or achieve orgasm without it.

    I don’t see any issue with you getting excited so….

  • i totally agree with InnocentMind. I, personally, think that you may enjoy that type of play (in the bum) Or maybe, just as shay said, you might just want somethin new to play with!! Oh, by the way, you have a very nice cock. ;3

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