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Cockblogging Wednesday 156

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This week’s CBW submitter is a repeat offender!
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P1030181censI’m back again. I’ve already been in the Cockblogging subject with a pic of my erect cock and with the video ‘From weener to boner‘ (which I’m very proud of by the way) and there’s also a pic of my cock in the Cocktoberfest part. Now I’m sending you a pic of my flaccid cock, so than the circle is complete. Now you’ve seen my weener, my boner (2x) and how my weener becomes a boner. And the beer I like of course.
I hope you’ll post it and that the other readers will like it.

If you’re like me, feel free to discuss in the comment section how much you dislike the terms “wiener” and “boner” when used to refer to the penis. ^_~  Also, as usual, comments on the photo are always appreciated by the contributors.

Don’t forget to send in YOUR CBW submission ladies and gents!

2 comments to Cockblogging Wednesday 156

  • mer

    I absolutely agree with Shay. We are adults here and should not be using either “weener” or “boner” when referring to a penis. Other than that nice pic!

  • Yes I have to agree. Using words like “weener” and “boner” just ruin everything for me. We are adults here and I associate those terms with boys. If I was with a man and things were getting hot and heavy and he looks at me and asks me if I want to see his “boner”, I’d seriously be turned off and would leave. Even if he says, “Oh I was just playing around. Just trying to be silly, sorry,” the moment is still ruined and chances are I will not go on a future date.

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