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CockBlogging Wednesday 139

If you follow my twitter feed, you’ve probably noticed me whining about being sick over the past day or so.
But, I’m (semi) faithfully taking my echinacea, thinking healthful thoughts, and drinking lots of fluids.

If you thought a cold would stop me from posting a fresh CBW for you, well, I hope you are happily surprised – I couldn’t possibly keep this neat shot from you!

yummycensHi Shay, Love your blog.  I have a little something for you.   Hope you like it , I think I’m rather pretty. The front on shot makes me want to take it in my mouth, if only I could reach! Ah, such is life.   I am a shade over 5 inches, not that I am worried about it, in fact it’s a bit of a turn on! My partner has had quite a few sexual encounters in her time and I am still her number one!   Thanks, I’ve never done anything like this before. Keep up your great work,

[Ooo, I forgot I wrote a guide to oral self gratification!]

2 comments to CockBlogging Wednesday 139

  • Analoliker

    Innovative angle! While we’re at it – and recently anal topics seem popular: Is it possible for any guy to fuck himself, too? I know the general technique: Relax, bend, engage. I’ve seen a few videos with guys demonstrating this but I’ve also read discussions and most or all said, no matter how often and hard they tried, they could never really enter.

  • Omg. I love this pic!


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