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1st Meeting of The S Spot’s Erotic Book Club

Based on some of feed-back I’ve been getting from some of you lovely readers, I thought you might enjoy having a space to discuss Diary of a Futa.

So in the comment section of this post we’ll be doing a little book club meeting – feel free to discuss your favourite parts, the parts you thought were weird, the parts that made you re-think futa, the parts that reminded you of something else, etc.  Or discuss certain mysteries, like, who is the narrator? What kind of mysterious past does she have with her friend Laura?  How do you think her boyfriend will react?  Who do you think is at the door at the end of chapter six?  What about that guy from the library, what’s his deal? Do you like the hentai at the end or is it a distraction?  Heck – feel free to discuss anything that comes across your filthy little minds. .^_~

I’m hoping this will be a lot of fun for fans of the story AND if you guys really enjoy it, I might make this an official page with a link in the side-bar. ^_^


8 comments to 1st Meeting of The S Spot’s Erotic Book Club

  • Dee

    It’s tough to name a favorite chapter, but I suppose I would choose Chapter 2. I love that she soaks the sheets with her own cum, I love that she receives pleasure from her pussy and her cock at the same time (in the shower), and I love the bit where she looks at herself in the mirror. That mirror moment added a bit of realism to her character that I really appreciated.

    One thing I might like to see in the future is something that futa hentai rarely depicts: a futa having sex with a man. I think it would be an interesting exploration of how futa blurs those lines of gender, orientation, etc. What do you other readers think?

  • Epsilon

    Huu… difficult.
    But I think i stick with chapter 2 as my favourit, too. Or maybe the last one.. hmm…

    I think i definitely prefer futas having sex with women (don’t realy know why), but a futa with a man would be interesting to read (as Dee states above), just not that erotic. (for me ofcourse) ;)

  • Dee Emarr

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a scene with her fucking a guy while she fucks her girl-friend. Sort of like the dildo scene, only with a guy in place of the dildo. But i agree with the other Dee (lol, no, i’m not copying you) that i generally prefer my futas to fuck other women.

  • Chris

    First of all, that’s the hottest futa pic I’ve ever seen. Second, whatever # the library study room chapter was is my total fave. I think the way the protagonist is at first embarrased, combined with the friend’s assertivness, is very interesting. Any guy can relate to how his body won’t let him hide his arousal very well, so I suppose having a female in the same situation is a twist that the futa thing brings. I also like the sense that the protagonist is discovering what her new appendage is capable of, and there’s sort of an innocence to it. It’s like the opposite of the male ego-motivated attitude around having a big dick that you can see in mainstream porn.
    I too would like to see a male get involved. She’s hanging out with her b/f and gets aroused, he can’t help but notice, and is very threatened at first. But he’s also curious and eventually ends up with a mouthful.

  • psylon

    I agree with Chris. I really enjoyed the library chapeter. Maybe the protagonist could be at the movies with her boy friend and she starts thinking about what he might do when and if he found out and gets aroused by the idea…or her boy friend is the one knocking on her door. That would be a nice twist, and very interesting. What would a guy do if he walked into his girl friend’s home and found out that she suddenly had a penis and it was baried deep in her best friend? I guess at first I’d freak and then maybe…no definately get turned on and want to join them.

  • Shay

    Ooooh psylon, sounds like you missed the release of the newest chapter!!

  • Mikey

    yeah, Chris definetly knows what he’s talking about here. way to go Chris!!!!!!!!!!

  • BoobLover

    Ooh, a threesome with her boyfriend and Laura would be SO hot!!! With him doing her in the ass and her doing Laura in the ass or vagina, or Laura doing her in her vagina while her boyfriend does her in the ass, or vice versa! Heck, have them do all three! Not at the same time of course. Just thinking about it gets me excited!

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