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After Anal

anal hentai

I haven’t had anal sex in a long time, that is until last night. My previous experiences weren’t terribly successful (he only got a little way in and not a lot of movement) but this time, there was a lot of movement and pleasure – it was fantastic! My issue is that today, I’ve been in the bathroom many times with what I will politely describe as, “loose stool”. Is this normal?

There could be many reasons for your post-anal bathroom issues: it could be a co-incidence and you happened to have eaten something bad or caught a stomach bug; it could be that all that movement churned things up and this is your body’s reaction to something new; it could be a reaction to the lube (i.e. it’s lubing everything else too on it’s way out or even an allergy); or it could be that some tissue was damaged.

I’m sure things are fine, you probably would have felt it at the time if there was any damage (make sure you’re using a good non-numbing and viscous lube to keep everything nice and slippery), but do get checked out by your doctor if things don’t sort out themselves out after a few days.

This doesn’t happen to everyone and it shouldn’t happen every time, but it can, so it’s good to be prepared.

P.S. I would also like to note that I am in no way a trained medical professional.

4 comments to After Anal

  • Will

    I vaguely remember reading that this can be an issue for some people if they use lubes with glycerin (it’s an ingredient that keeps lubes from drying out). Since it isn’t absorbed and what goes in must come out, you have your issue. If it becomes too much of a problem try glycerin free lubes, you may have to apply a little more often, but it’s a small price to pay for comfort later.

  • Ang

    I wanted to mention also that this is something that often happens to me – usually it’s a result of all the motion shaking me up. Depending on what time of day the anal sex was, my “aftermath” tends to calm down after a few hours and isn’t anything to be concerned about – rather, it is something to be prepared for.

    (We do use plenty of lube – usually silicone based – and well, once we get comfortable we can get a little enthusiastic, so take that into consideration)

  • Shay

    You know what I am loving? That more and more people are coming out and saying that they have experienced this too! It’s not something that’s usually discussed when we talk about anal sex, but it’s something that people should be prepared for, just in case it does happen to them.

  • Darling Shay,
    you made me smile! It happens…it is normal…
    I´m glad to hear you loved it…I love it too. Kisses

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