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Love Our Lurkers Day

A very happy, if slightly late, LOL day to all my sweet readers.

Although very few of your chose to comment, I know that you, my lurkers, are out there: reading my words, thinking your thoughts, and shyly keeping them to yourselves.

But that’s okay, because today is YOUR day!

In Bonnie‘s words:

I would like to invite you to leave a comment below. It can be as long or short as you choose. You can use a fake name or no name at all. What’s important is that you poke your head up just far enough that we might see you.

If you feel chatty, please feel free to tell me how I might make this blog more interesting, more useful, more attractive, more spanky, or more fun. I’m always in the market for great new ideas. If a simple hello is enough for you, I’ll welcome that as well.

In any case, I look forward to meeting you!

So don’t be shy – or be shy – I’ll keep appreciating your visits anyway, but it would still be nice to hear a few peeps from the audience. ^_~

35 comments to Love Our Lurkers Day

  • Sly

    Hi, Shay. Yes, I’m a lurker. I love your site and the awesome hentai you’re always posting. More boys, please?

  • Krausy87

    Hi Shay, I’ve posted once or twice, but I’ve been silent for quite some time. It is always a good read though…
    Keep up the good work!

  • Jen

    Hi Shay, I am a lurker and have been one for awhile now

  • CyR00k

    Hello Shay, I am a lurker. I read your site regularly and find your commentary insightful and enjoyable. I don’t generally comment, as I am uncertain that I actually have anything meaningful to contribute to the conversation.

    I will continue to read and enjoy your site, keep up the good work.

  • Justina

    hi Shay. I’m a lurker too. I’ve never actually commented, cause I can never think of what to say, but I do always check your blog. I love how you talk so frankly and openly about sex, and I love your blog.
    *goes back to lurking*

  • Lurky

    You’re doing wonderfully. All the information a person could hope for and just the right amount of sexy.

  • Lurky McLurkerstein

    I’m a random horny virgin dude, and your site has a spot in my bookmarks. I look forward to broadening my knowledge, checking out the sexy hentai pictures, and (perhaps?) more Diary of a Futa. Rawr!

  • Anon

    Oh well when you put it that way I guess I really poke my head up. I’m very much a fan of this blog. I’m quite happy to find myself learning. gasp! learning something from one of my sexy bookmarks! And I find myself very much looking forward to the next chapter of DoaF.

  • Epsilon001


  • I always enjoy your posts but don’t often feel Ihave anything worthwhile to add by way of comment. You do a great job – so keep it up!

  • Meep

    Keep up to good work Shay!

  • Dimitri

    Long-time Lurker, first-time comment leaver
    <—-I <3 the cuntblogging and toy reviews

  • Anon

    Hi, lurker here :)

    Love the blog, keep it up, cuntblogging ftw!

    But why no more HNT’s from you shay?

  • The lurkers love you, too…

  • Lurker here too! I posted my girly bits a while back but I don’t comment much. I do check your blog every day though! It makes me feel like I’m not alone in being sexual and interested in our sexuality. Plus it’s highly amusing! And sometimes makes me hornier than I was!

  • someone

    I post when I have something useful to say, otherwise I lurk :)

  • Rhiannon

    Hi! Just wanted to pop in and say hello! I dont post very often so yea here i am!

  • Well, some call me a Lurker Ms. Shay, but I’ve been a long time follower and commenter that went on a bit of a hiatus.
    Keep up the great work hun!

  • Anon

    Frequent lurker! =D I have commented anonymously a few times, I guess. I just keep a link to you in my bookmarks and check on it almost every day. My trip to your little corner of the interwebs usually prefaces my semi-daily masturbation session. Heehee. Warms me up and keeps me informed!

    Your reader questions answered are brilliant; I truly feel like if and when I run into some sexual confusion, I have someone here I can honestly ask about the issues. The hentai artwork is sexy and Diary of a Futa makes me hot every time. You are amazing. Much anonymous love!

  • lace

    i’ve only commented once, but i’m a frequent lurker. love your insight and i check back everyday! i’m much more comfortable and open with my interest in sexuality now. i dont feel as shy anymore. thanks :]

  • David

    Hi Shay,
    I guess now that I wrote this comment, I am no longer a lurker! I’ll even send you a picture fro CBW! (soon)

  • Evan

    love the site, I may have an advice question or cbw pic soon but not quite yet

  • NDO

    Love the site, and the caption contests are really funny. Diary of a Futa should be at least a bi-weekly thing, because it rocks me socks! Thanks for doing all this!

  • Rosie

    Sorry, don’t mean to lurk; often not enough time. But I send your insightful helps on to others. You do a wonderful job.

  • Hi Shay,
    Long time lurker on your site and just popping up to say hello and to complement you on an outstanding advice/hentai site. You’ve brought alot of laughter and interesting advice my way and wanted to say thanks.

    Keep up the great work, and more catgirls!!!

  • Ita-

    hi there shay thanks for the love our lurkers day :) i’ve posted once before during the first post of the masturbation experiment and i was very happy in the next up date of it when u quoted me :)

  • Dan

    Yo! Love your blog Shay!

    I’m surprised to see so many girls on a sexblog!

    Maybe it’s just a preconceived notion of society I had…

  • Hi, Shay! Glad you joined in on LOL day, giving all of us a chance to introduce ourselves….

    Dr. Ken,
    Spanking Minnesota

  • Shay

    Sly – hello! More about boys or more hentai boys? ^_^

    Krausy87 – thanks for speaking up again then hehe

    Jen – nice to meet you!

    CyR00k – glad to hear it! Don’t be afraid to pipe up any time. ^_^

    Justina – nice to meet you!

    Lurky – glad to hear it!

    Lurky McLurkerstein – Oh don’t worry, there will be more DoaF, just as soon as I have time to write more. ^_~

    Anon – well I’m happy to bring something unique to your bookmark bar ^_^

    Epsilon001 – LOL!!

    lapis ruber – aww thanks! nice to know you’re still around.

    Meep – thanks! I’ll do my best! ^_^

    Dimitri – Hello! I just got a new box of toys, so you can look forward to a bunch more toy reviews! ^_^

    Anon – I agree! cuntblogging rocks, I just need more submissions ^_~ I stopped HNT because I thought it was boring my readers, maybe I was wrong? lol

    Regin – That’s great to discover!

    Anon – Oh you most definitely are not alone! I’m happy to be here for you! ^_^

    someone – well it’s nice to hear from you!

    Rhiannon – hello!!

    single gal – awwww I love knowing that you’re still out there, lurking around ^_~

    Anon – wow! Thank you so much!! I do love answering reader questions, so I’m happy to hear that you guys like reading my answers too. ^_^

    lace – that’s wonderful to hear!!! I’m so happy that you can feel more confident about your interests now!

    David – I’ll be watching for it! ^_~

    Evan – ditto, I hope to hear from you again soon!

    NDO – You’re very welcome! ^_^

    Rosie – That’s fantastic and that’s what I’m here for: send me to anyone any time! ^_^

    Notta – You’re right! I haven’t featured catgirls in a while – I’ll get right on that. ^_~

    Ita – Oh! Hello again!!

    Dan – there you go, you never know what you’ll find in the real world! ^_^

    Dr. Ken – Me too! I’m glad I finally didn’t forget to join in on it! It’s been wonderful meeting everyone!

  • Futanarikko

    Ok. You got me Shay!

    Since last year I’m reading your great blog (yeah, I was here before the sweet move to your own site ^^)

    It’s quite cool, I started to follow it when I read an already old post about Futanari girls.


    Keep up the good work :D

  • Futanarikko

    Btw, I wonder if you read some of the doujins where my name comes from :P

  • Lach

    Hello from Australia. Yes, self-proclaimed lurker, proud of it. I love your site and your attitude towards sex and everything sexual.

    Keep it up, I know I will.

  • Crouching Dragon, Lurking Kitteh

    Just recently started reading your site… it’s awesome. Some years ago I was surprised, like some people who have replied, to learn of an openly sexual girl… but now I’m not any more and THAT makes very me very happy ^^

    It’s funny to say it, but I guess more and more girls are “coming out of the horny closet”… so to speak. :Þ Viva la cultural enlightenment, let’s keep it up!

    P.S. Me and my GF fight this issue, and other things too… like gaming, computers, science, etcetera only being the realm of males, for example. I also try to enlighten people about how silly old school notions of masculinity are, just to mention something on the male side as well =)

    P.P.S. Your Diary of a Futa story is hot *blush* =Þ

  • Emmanuel

    Big hugs from France. Love reading you. :)

  • kitsune

    hi shay i love you site i’ve been reading your site for about 2 years i love all the hentai and your advise is always so helpful i always read all the questions your post. wonderful

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