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Book Review – Best Erotic Comics 2008

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Greta Christina has compiled together a fine sampling of erotic comics from a number of fantastic artists from all over the world and printed them all in one book for our enjoyment.

Some of the stories take up a few pages, some take up only one page; some of the stories are touching, some are steamy hot, and some are a little weird; some of the stories talk about hetero couples, some talk about lesbians, some talk about gay men, and some are just orgies; some of the art is quite simple and some is incredibly detailed; some of the stories use lots of text, and some just let the pictures tell the story – but all the comics included in this collection have something to offer the reader.

There’s the story about the older secretary who surprised her boss with skills besides making a good cup of coffee, the shy lesbian who finally discovered orgasms, even a fun little story about king kong and godzilla turning a battle into some hot lovin’ in the middle of the city.

I ended up keeping this book on my coffee table for weeks, picking it up every so often to re-read some of my favourite sections.  Guests who visited had trouble putting it down, getting totally sucked into the eclectic comics found in this book. The comics are sometimes funny, sometimes touching, but always honest; they aren’t just about pretty sex, they are about real sex – even when it’s messy and not exactly what we’re used to seeing in “mainstream” porn.

Final Verdict: Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed Best Erotic Comics 2008 and look forward to seeing future editions.  Greta has done a fantastic job of finding some of the worlds most wonderful erotic comics for this book.

1 comment to Book Review – Best Erotic Comics 2008

  • I have this book tucked away as a birthday present for Apollo – and I look forward to reading it myself after he’s been through it (or reading it with him in bed!).

    xx Dee

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