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Post BJ Preferences

Most people have heard that swallowing after a BJ is important, that that’s what it takes to make a guy happy.
So I want to know how many of you guys really do prefer your blower to swallow your spunk. Do you care? Do you need it? Or do you prefer to finish elsewhere (on their face/chest)?

And what about you blowers – do you swallow? Do you swallow because it’s convenient or because you think you have to, or because you like it? If you don’t swallow, what do you do with it?

I will agree that spitting after a BJ is both rude and silly. Rude because, well spitting just isn’t polite, plus it’s like a mini rejection – on a cellular level. And silly because everyone knows that swallowing is going to be the fastest way to get rid of what’s in your mouth without having to think too much about it’s texture – you only have to deal with the bitter after-taste.

But I digress, tell me your thoughts people.

30 comments to Post BJ Preferences

  • Al Sensu

    I’m perfectly happy any way the finish happens as long as she takes me all the way there… in mouth, by hand, whatever. As much as I enjoy watching cum shot porn, I’m not personally a fan of the facial, but elsewhere on the body is somewhat appealing. I did once have a GF who spread it on her face and claimed it was good for her skin.

  • Curvaceous Dee

    Well, I swallow because I really like to swallow! I also like being jacked off on over various body parts (especially my breasts, and my mons), but generally that’s when they’re wanking for me, rather than when I’ve been sucking them off.

    xx Dee

  • horny guy

    I prefer that they swallow, but if they don’t want to then have me cum on their face or something. Don’t have me cum in your mouth and then just spit it out. I have nothing against it if you don’t like to swallow, but don’t pretend to like it then spit it out afterwards.

  • Bad Bad Girl

    Spitters and Quitters… I’m against it. I swallow cause I like it, and it’s also keeps things clean and I don’t prefer it on my face. Again, I don’t spit, why should he? However I have had some recent experiences with Dom’s who prefer to cum on my face, or in my mouth and make me show it… which is not my preference, but I guess ok. I prefer to swallow. After a job well done, I see it as my reward.

  • Jan & Zan

    I prefer that the ‘blower’ swallow; it just makes things neater, and it really feels like taking the orgasm over the edge and beyond. I have tried, and definitely do not like cuming on her face, it seems kind of demeaning to her. I might as well cum on her tits, or finish with a tit-job, at least i wouldn’t have to use my hands. On the other hand; Jan does this really great thing sometimes where a little cum will come out and dribble down and she gobbles it up like a dripping ice cream. That’s the best.

  • Prospero

    I agree with al sensu above. Certainly there are times when, like with a hand job, the blower wants to see the explosive result… and that’s fine. as always, variety is good. Swallow, let it fly. But… right. No spitters.

  • NDO

    When she swallows, those make for the best uninterupted orgasm, but I also love it when she has me pop all over her breasts… Yeah, as long as it’s all the way either way, I’m a happy guy. The spitting just seems ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I do like to swallow if I’m really turned on and with a steady partner but I don’t feel that it’s a safe sex practice if it’s casual sex. Shay, what is the likelihood of catching an STD which gets absorbed by the lining of your stomach?

  • matt Murdock

    I prefer if she swallow it make me feel wanted, a woman who can swallow my nut will get the counterpart anyday. Plus that is just sexy

  • Kamile

    My soon to be ex, unfortunately, had a really…really bad taste to his cum. I mean, bad enough that I gagged the first few times I tried to taste it. Seeing as he was my second for that sort of thing, and the first I only got a taste of pre-cum, I’m hoping the rest of you fellows out there don’t cause the same reaction.

  • Eromante

    I like the visual aspect of cumming, so I like it to happen outside. I don’t care much about whether it is over her tongue, her face, her tits or my body. I prefer to shoot in her mouth, but I don’t really care if she swallows.

  • Anonymous

    I like to cum in her mouth and then get her to share it with me

  • Anonymous

    I don’t really care if a “blower” spits. It makes sense to me to just swallow but if that’s what she’s most comfortable with then so be it; I’m not going to hold it against her, after all she did just give me a blow job ;)

  • badside

    Swallowing is always much appreciated, but if she didn’t like it I wouldn’t be asking for her to do it either. Never gave a facial, but would like to try! And spitting…big turn off.

  • Gadfly

    I had a long term relationship with a girl who loved to give oral, but couldn’t swallow without gagging and ruining the moment, so she just let it run out. I didn’t care, because the main thing was that the blowjob not stop during the most important part!

    We just put a towel down and she was even so good as to scurry off and bring another warm moist towel to clean me up while I lay there in that state — which was very pleasant and … I dunno … regal feeling :o)

    A washer and dryer make a good investment for any man *chuckle*

  • Steve Rudzinski

    Swallowing seems like it would be disgusting. I’ve been told that I taste fantastic most of the time, but the texture of the cum just seems so unappealing in a mouth.

    I drink raw eggs and if the yolk breaks before you swallow it, you’re in for a mission of trying to swallow that texture. While I’ve never blown a load in my own mouth, I can only assume it’s similar to that.

    So I don’t want girls to swallow me. If they do, that’s cool and all, but I make it known that it’s not something they have to do to be ‘hotter’ or what have you.

  • Michelle

    I sometimes swallow, never spit though. I usually keep a towel nearby for cleanups if need be. I don’t mind if he cums on me. Usually I finish him off with my hand, and then just clean him up afterwards.

  • Anonymous

    I’m happy either way, but I do prefer it being swallowed. My girlfriend enjoys swallowing anyway so it’s good :)

  • Anonymous

    I swallow, mostly because it really impresses men, in my older, mature age bracket. But I’ve yet to have anyone who taste at all appetizing. A few times have had to disguise my gagging.

  • Anonymous

    My wonderful wife of many years does a great BJ. Sometimes she swallows, which I love, milking my orgasm onwards to the very last drop. but other times she likes to finish with her hand, wiping my cum all over my dick, over her belly, and rubbing me against the cum-slicked belly. I think that her treatment depends on how hot she is on any one occasion.

  • Anonymous

    OK, can I launch discussion of a related question? What about kissing after giving my girl oral sex? Who likes it? Who avoids it? Why?

  • Shay

    So, those of you wanting to talk about facials should go to this post:

    And those of you wanting to talk about snowballing (i.e. kissing your partner after/while they’ve had your cum in their mouth) should go here:

  • Anonymous

    I swallow. I don’t want it on my face and don’t enjoy porn where it’s squirted in her face. Grosses me out.
    When I was still married, I swallowed at first, then as things got bad, I started spitting.
    Now I’m with someone who I love and who loves me and I swallow again. So it must mean something.

  • Anonymous

    I used to do HIV prevention lessons for my college, and learned that swallowed GREATLY increases your chances of contracting an STD. If you spit, a virus can be absorbed through your gums; if you swallow, it can be absorbed through your gums, esophagus, stomach lining, and digestive tract. The acid in your stomach does kill off some, but not necessarily all, of a virus. Your best bet if you want to stay healthy is either condoms or having him come somewhere outside of a body cavity. :)

  • Stu Neal Bowman Cocksucker

    I have swallowed well over 10,000 loads of cum from around 2,500 or so men, seriously, and I have only had an STD twice. IT was the clap both times and a shot in the ass cured it both times. I know some of the men were probably HIV positive since most were either gay or bisexual, as I am. I am still HIV Neg. Unless you have a sore or open wound of some kind in your mouth, from my experience, I’ve found it is much more difficult to catch an STD by swallowing cum than it is taking it in the ass.

    However, I have caught colds from guys through their cum lots of times. And, I have gotten high as a kite from some guys cum who were taking heavy drugs at the time I blew them. That was the strangest thing about taking a man’s seed down my throat; whatever he’s eaten or had to drink, traces of it go completely through his body and down my throat via his cum.

    Oh yeah, NEVER SPIT! Don’t waste that great protein snack! Human cum is the truest of all delicacies. If you could order it in restaurants, I’d eat it 3 meals a day, everyday!

    Stu Neal Bowman
    Cocksucker & Cum Addict
    Lexington, KY
    –if you doubt what I’ve said, you can see me sucking several hundred different cocks in photos & video clips at this yahoo group:

  • Sheen V

    No preference here. I like it when she swallows, I like it when she doesn’t. I do like to kiss her afterwards either way.

  • Anonymous

    wow you guys are kinda mean with the swallowing thing. I give my husband double orgasms because I do such a good job, but I have him cum on my boobs, face, whatever. I gag, I can’t help it…the texture just grosses me out…..sometimes people can’t help it. everyone has their own way of dealing with things. and spitting isn’t rude!

  • quilzas

    I love swallowing. Though he doesn’t always finish in my mouth.. so there’s no set rule that we do. We always do kiss after (though my boy is bi, so yeah, he certainly doesn’t mind cum…).

    I think he prefers it when I do swallow since often when he’s jacking off for me, he wants to finish in my mouth. I have no problem with this, and it’s quite flattering. Though sometimes it’s quite nice to have him finish on me somewhere too. *prrrs*

  • Andy

    I’ve only had my boyfriend cum in my mouth once. I was curious and asked if he would mind. He gave the obvious “hell no!”. We built it up, taunting, teasing, so that by the time he was ready to cum, I was eager for it. I thought it would be rather salty like the precum, but just lots of it. Ha!

    I swallowed as much as I could, then gagged my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth and do the Listerine thing. Highly unromantic!

    Afterwards we talked about it and he said that it felt about the same as when I suck him to the point of no return, then use my hands to finish him.

    I haven’t had him cum in my mouth since and never plan on it. Furthermore, he hasn’t hinted that he wants it any different.

  • God91125

    Ahhhhh I’m actually a virgin so I don’t know yet but I’d really like if she would swallow but leave some extra for me and her to share with a kiss.

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