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Spreading The S Spot Love

Since I posted about the new warning that blogger has slapped up (at the request of some anonymous surfers) on my site – I’m sure you’ve seen it by now – a number of you have expressed concern about my traffic flow and the slow trickle of new readers becoming even slower.

I have been monitoring my hit counters and, while it may still be too early to tell, I have noticed that my traffic seems to have slowed a little (by a few hundred) since I became less attractive to search engines.

But not to worry, I’m not rushing to set up a new site just yet – obviously you’re all still here and I do love my loyal readers quite a lot! ^_^

Some of you have been asking what you can do to help support me – in fact, to quote one of you directly:
I would love to support your web site if can. Just tell me what i can do and i will try my best. You would be surprised how many people are fans of futanari girls.

Well, my dears, there are a lot of different ways that you can help your sweet Shay with her little site!

1. Become a fan on Facebook to show your friends where your kinky interests lie ^_~ (Also, the fan page has some unique discussions and will only get better as more people start playing on it.)

2. Slip a link or even a button into your forum signatures (or personal pages) to show off your S Spot love when you play on other sites.

3. Recommend me to your friends! When you spot a post that you like, send the link to someone else who might benefit from it too. Share the love.

4. Or, if you’d rather support me in a different way (say… by helping me save up for a sexy new laptop – my current computer is over 8 yrs old, srsly) you could donate using paypal, buy yourself something sexy from any one of the lovely companies advertised in my left sidebar, or just click a few of my crispads and blacklabel ad bars (since they are ppc).

So there you go my sweet readers – thank you so much for your concern and even more for your continued readership and support! ^_^

12 comments to Spreading The S Spot Love

  • Sabine

    Anything to help, darling.

    But I’m sure I could be persuaded to be a bit more helpful if you posted another edition of “Diary”…

    Just sayin’.



  • Anonymous

    Hello Shay,

    I *love* your site, though I confess to being too infrequent a visitor.

    I did think of you this morning when I saw this:

    Nice, huh? And on a link from the HuffingtonPost, no less.

  • Shay

    Sabi – haha That’s right! I need to get on writing the next chapter ^_~

    Anon – Oh I love that pic! I’m going to have to use that too.

  • "Squiffy"

    Keep the faith! I just added you to the blogroll module on my blog. Don’t worry about the warning page. It is better for your loyal readers to have one additional click than it is to have your inbox flooded with comments about inappropriate content.

  • horny guy

    Hey, the paypal link doesnt work….

  • Anonymous

    i’ve been reading your blog for a while now.

    i added you site to my link page on lj a while ago.

    i think you give great advice & your blog also has some amusing stuff as well :)

  • Shay

    squif – thanks babe

    HG – Doh! Well, there is a tip jar button in my right side bar, do you think I should make it more obvious?

    Anon – Thanks! <3 ^_^

  • Dee Emarr

    8 years old? How on earth is it not relegated to the trash heap yet?! (or recycling plant, as the case may be).

    Also: I wanted to ask which ads are ppc and which are not. I wouldn’t mind making a habit of clicking on all the ppc ones every time I come here.

    Also #2: I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now, and since this is the first time I’ve posted anything, I suppose I should take the time to introduce myself and tell you what a great blog you’ve got going here. So… yeah. I guess I’ve pretty much done that.

    Also #3: And by God, if you move, you’d better damn well leave adequate means to find your new site! Otherwise I will be personally insulted, and prone to boycott your site… until i find it again, of course, ;)

    Happy blogging,
    Dee Emarr

  • horny guy

    yeah, i didn’t notice the tip jar graphic.. lol I’m used to seeing donate via paypal button.

    btw, I just sent ya a donation. Just realized that it has my real name so you might not know its me.. lol

  • Shay

    Dee – haha I know, right! I just seem to have really good luck with electronics. I had a first generation ipod longer than anyone else I know of too – I was just upgraded to a nano this past xmas, my parents decided it was time, even though my old ipod was still working! haha But it’s def time for a new computer because this one just isn’t meeting my needs and is starting to fall apart.

    Anyway, let me try to give you directions to my ppc ads – they are lower down on my page because they are towers and I have no/very little control over what appears in them. The first one is right under my “users online” button, it says “crisp ads” at the bottom of the tower. The second one is lower than that, under the “Shay Lovers” section – it says “Ads by Black Label Ads” at the top of the tower.
    I’m actually considering getting rid of these two towers, because, as I mentioned, I don’t have control over what they show and that bothers me.

    HG – Awww sweety! Thanks so much for the generous donation!! ^_^ You’re my first ever!! Maybe you’re right and I should have a more obvious donation button…

  • horny guy

    always glad to be your first. :)

  • moondai

    I’ve pimped your site on my Gank Me comic; I only get about 1000 hits a day but my readers really would like your page (And should be reading it…)

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