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Holding Back?

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Hi. I just started reading ur blog and I have a question. Me and my girlfriend have been together for about a year now. We have been having sex from the beginning of our relationship but lately I haven’t been able to hold back long enough for her to get hers. I was wondering if u had any ideas?

Since this sounds like a relatively new phenomenon in your sex life, I don’t think you’re suffering from “regular” PE. What you’re describing sounds more like what can happen when people get comfortable in a relationship and both parties get lazy, starting things before both are fully ready.

So, sometimes what can help in situations like this is to give your girlfriend more foreplay so that she’s as ready as you are by the time you start penetrative sex. It may just be that her orgasm engine isn’t as fired up as yours when you start, so she isn’t ready to cum as quickly.

Alternatively, you can try to maintain your erection after you orgasm and just keep going until she finishes too. If you can’t do that (not every guy can every time), just switch to oral and finish her off that way.

5 comments to Holding Back?

  • Anonymous

    Hmm….what about some tips for guys with regular PE?


  • me

    He could also start with oral for her before penetration. Then when they did have intercourse he’d just be getting even instead of pulling ahead. :P

  • Shay

    anon1 – Yup, on it’s way. It’s just harder to make clinical text sound fun ^_~

    me – Yup, that’ll be part of the foreplay I mentioned. ^_^

  • Gadfly

    *putting on the CD*

    You gotta lick it!

    Before you kick it!


  • Shay

    Gad, you must be listening to the censored version because, as far as I know, the lyric is “before you STICK it”

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