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Reader Question – A More Interesting BJ?

I love giving blow jobs, but recently they’ve gotten boring. I want to spice it up for him so he doesn’t get sick of the same old routine…I’ve tried the ice thing, pop rocks, altoids mints and licking the lower spot below his balls…What else can I try that could spice it up more?

Do guys actually get bored with blowjobs? I know that’s exactly the kind of stereotypical blanket statement that I like to avoid but still… I don’t know about that. But, I totally understand you wanting to make things more interesting for yourself – as the blowjob giver – that’s important too. ^_~

You’ve already tried many of the additions that I would suggest, but here are a couple of other things that might be fun to try:

- Alternating between hot and cold: take a sip of hot tea (hot, but drinking temperature) and go down on him, then stop and take a sip of ice water and go down again, alternating as often as you like.

- Use a vibrator: get a small vibe, or a vibrating cock-ring and press the vibrator against the base of his shaft while you blow him. A word of caution though: keep the vibe away from your teeth – ouch!

- If you’re up for minor mouth discomfort, you could also try using a tingly edmible stamina gel on him or an edible warming lube – both will feel neat to him but can make your lips and tongue feel a bit numb.

Good luck and I hope that helps!

What about you dear readers, do you have any tips that we might have missed?

12 comments to Reader Question – A More Interesting BJ?

  • Violetta

    There is a simple way to be happy and to make your partner happy: Do this with him, what you like that he is doing with you!

    I really likes if he gives me a blowjob that he licks my ass as well. Down from my clitoris and back.

    So, I do the same with him and that drives him crazy…and hard!

  • Jim

    If he’s getting bored, you’ve spoiled him. It’s like saying you’re bored of having steamed lobster, or shower sex.


  • Gadfly

    If you can’t find a way to make having your dick sucked interesting …

    I …

    I don’t know how to continue …

  • Anonymous

    Anal stimulation of course… let him take control if you can handle him really going to town on your mouth… public areas… move to the beat of some music… hum along to some music… do other things for a while

  • Anonymous

    To answer Shay’s question.

    No. Never.

  • Rupert

    Seriously. I haven’t had a blowjob in years now! Even a plain old vanilla bj from a willing partner that gets into it would be wonderful!

    But for the original question, I would say the anal stimulation would be the next logical thing to try. A nice prostate massage while getting a bj would be heaven!!!

  • exile


    i’ve never been bored with getting head, but i suppose it would take a lot of blow jobs to have that effect…

    only on way to find out!
    (oh the things i do for science)

  • Anonymous

    my guy likes when i lick his ass and take his balls all the way in my mouth one by one. Also when i throw him up against a wall and get on my knees in front of him and do not let him touch me– just watch me. For some reason it drives him crazy.

  • Nate

    Spit, lots of spit. remember your also giving a visual show, so talk dirty and make it a production.

  • Anonymous

    easy one: handcuffs/restraints. he can watch, but he can’t touch you while you’re busy on him.

  • Balloon Pirate

    Maybe I just haven’t been with the right partner, but bj’s have never done anything for me.

    I’ve got nothing against oral sex (I’m all for going down on my lover), and I find videos of blowjobs arousing, but in practice–not so much.

    Also, the girl in your bj picture has a winky. Heh, heh.


  • Anonymous

    I just have to say I love the picture. A futa giving head while her own cock peeks out of her skirt… sexy!

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