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Orgasms are a bit of a mystery to us — if you were to ask your friends, family members, classmates/ co-workers to describe what an orgasm is or what it feels like, the only unanimous answer you’d get is that they feel good, really fucking good!

When you ask people to describe orgasms more specifically, that’s where you start finding vast differences: some people experience orgasms as tidal waves crashing up through their bodies; others experience smaller surges; others describe their orgasms as bursts of light and energy, and still others feel their orgasms slowly creeping up their body before it floods their mind.

To make matters even more confusing, one person can experience many different orgasms depending on what they are doing — orgasms from oral sex can feel different from vaginal penetration orgasms, which can feel different from anal stimulation orgasms, which can feel different from masturbation orgasms!

Your orgasms can also vary depending on how you’re feeling; if you’re sick or have other things on your mind, your orgasms might not be as intense as when you’re well-rested and really aroused. My readers who masturbate regularly probably have noticed that their orgasms can vary from time to time, even if they’re stimulating themselves the exact same way every time.

Because orgasms are so fascinating, researchers in the Netherlands have been studying what happens in the brain during orgasm using PET scans. They’ve found that all kinds of interesting things happen when you hit that Big O; some parts of the brain (like the temporal lobe) shut down and other parts lights up. It’s a combination of these effects that makes you feel like you’re floating on a cloud of euphoria, or being crushed under a wave of ecstasy, or experiencing pulses of pleasure between your thighs.

6 comments to O!

  • Cayman J

    I so need to find one of these sexual research groups. They seem to have all the fun.

  • :P fuzzbox

    If the temporal lobe shuts down it is no wonder my eyes roll back in my head.

  • Loving Annie

    Good Sunday evening to you, Shay.

    How come nobody asked me to be part of the study ???? sigh. And here I had all this free time on my hands :)

    My orgasms differ depending on if I am with someone I love (very intense), or someone I’m just having a brief fling with (mediocre), or masturbating (nice but over in a few seconds and then forgotten)…

    The first one (when I am having sex with someone else as compared to merely having sex with myself) is the hardest to have, and quite weak. They build up in intensity, the more I have…

    I’d love to hear a man describe how they feel to him.

    I don’t know how to decsribe how it feels to me, but the whole experience of them cumulatively (with a man where our chemistry is great and he is a size that fills me perfectly) can just be INTENSE and HOT and make me throb with complete satiation, relaxation, triumph, pleasure…

  • oosez

    random but, that is a seriously hot hentai pic you have there.

  • Shay

    CayJ – *shrug* check your local university

    Fuzz – lol okay…

    Annie – cool! Yeah I’d like to hear from some of the guys too

    oosez – well, not THAT random, October is “O” month ^_^ and yeah, that pic IS totally hot.

  • Rae

    I’ve noticed mine vary most when I’m masturbating everyday/multiple times a day and suddenly do not have the opportunity or desire to get off for awhile…once I’m back to it I get that tidal wave, black-out, fireworks exploding feeling

    I love all my orgasms…but I think I love those best! :-)

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