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The New Polls

Some readers felt too impatient to wait for the rotator to bring up the new polls I mentioned last week, so here they are all collected for you!
How convenient!

What Do You Like Best of The S Spot
Cock/Cunt Blogging Wednesday
Film Fridays
“Show and Tell”
The Hentai
The Toy Reviews
The Informative Posts
nothing :(

Free polls from

How Did You Find The S Spot?
From a Friend
When I typed dirty words into a search engine
Technorati or some other blog listing
From another Sexy Blog
From a sexy comment you left in another blog

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What Would You Like to See More Of?
Hentai Mini Galleries
Toy Reviews
Informative Posts
Reader Questions
Other (tell me what)

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P.S. I have news about my upcoming erotica contest – good news. Watch for a post about that coming soon.

5 comments to The New Polls

  • Anonymous

    Hell, I’ll admit it, it’s all about the hentai. I found out about the site in my search for naked manga ladies being very naughty and I would like to see more naked, naughty manga ladies.

  • Loving Annie

    Good Thursday to you Shay !
    News ? what new news ? I bet it will be good :) Contests are fun !

    Hope that all is well with you Shay !

    p.s. What do you think of my erotica stories lately ? I’d love your feedback !

    Loving Annie

  • Cherrie

    I was on a roll there, going with the majority till the last poll. I love erotica, but I thought I had to answer informative posts to be consistent!

    Shay, I just love coming to visit here, whatever you do . . .

  • Gadfly

    Should use checkboxes instead of radio buttons. None of those lists has just one answer :-(

  • Anonymous

    I want a kitsune mini-gallery. They’re just too cute!

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