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Film Friday 78 – Detachable?!

What would you do with a detachable penis?
Would you even want one?

10 comments to Film Friday 78 – Detachable?!

  • Alzirr Mortis Vyktor

    Well, for starters, If someone had a detachable penis and were told to go fuck himself, he could oblige much to the astounding of the insulter :). Not to mention that it could be the epitome of self-centered sex.
    On another side it could be extremely practical: If the owner were to use tight pants, it would remove the trouble of not finding a comfortable position for the penis :P

  • Curvaceous Dee

    Oh, I haven’t heard that song for ages (and I’ve never seen a video for it, either). Thank you for sharing it!

    Oh, and what would I do with a detachable penis? Put it to good use – keep it on my bedside table, or in the bathroom, and play with it (or possibly pretend I’m a guy with it – how fun would that be?)

    xx Dee

  • EmmaK

    I guess I would go into the men’s bathroom and just unzip my pants and casually pee out of it and see what reaction I got from the other men at the urinal ;)

  • amused

    Haha. Dude I’d party!!! I wish i had a detachable penis. In fact, if my friend had a detachable penis, I’d steal it and hide it. =)

  • rupert

    That song, a blast from the past, a detachable penis well one might have a collection – Monday penis, compact for starting work. Tuesday penis more laid back for ease of starting week. Wednesday penis, mid-sized easy on the eyes, half way through. Thursday penis, erect, often student night at pubs, needs to be sharp and alert. Friday penis, the glamorous cock, ready for parties or clubbing. Saturday penis, lazy and relaxed, good for long time recovering in bed. Sunday penis, dainty and pleasant, the perfect attachment for pottering around the house.


  • exile

    if i had a detachable penis it would make long distance relationships much easier

    but no, i don’t think i’d want it detachable. if i have a hard time finding my cellphone in the morning… just no

  • Sabine

    Quite unrelated to this post, I dreamt last night about a detachable penis! I was sitting in a row of women, and we were passing a penis (a real one) down the line. Everyone was just looking and putting it between their legs, a little flick, a shake a squeeze to feel its rubbery texture (it was semi erect). A man was looking from the end of the line in horror. Everyone else was bemused.


  • Dirty Filthy Princess

    that song is a hoot. Husband introduced me to it a long time ago but I have not heard it since then.

  • Anonymous

    Greg Egan, Oceanic…

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