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The Banner Contest

I think it’s about time that we wrap up The S Spot “Banner me up Baby” contest.
I’ve had some really great entries
in fact
I’m actually having trouble deciding which banner should be the winner!

How about you guys help me out with this, here are the top three entries:


(click to enlarge)
Now, which one do you think should win?

33 comments to The Banner Contest

  • Havok

    B has my vote, the bouncing is hypnotic…

  • Beth

    C for sure.

  • Wizo

    No contest here. B definitely gets my vote. I agree with havok… totally hypnotic!

  • Guri

    I’m voting for a!

  • Anonymous

    B…………is perfect.

  • Anonymous

    I’m liking A best, speaking for myself…simple is good. C is way too busy.

  • Prospero

    I’d say B as well, except that I’m not a fan of endlessly looping animations. If it wins and you want to use it, maybe you could get the winner to limit the loop to 3 repetitions.

    The banners you’ve already used are better than the other two. Sorry. Just my opinion.

  • AlwaysArousedGirl

    Well you know which one has my vote.


    Maybe all of them can win!

  • Anonymous

    A – Would get my vote if they had a higher resolution image to work with, blowing it up doesn’t look good.

    C – This has too much going on. WAAAY to much going on.

    B – This gets my vote, but I think it would get old if it kept doing it so often repeatedly. I would either put more time between bounces, or limit it a set number of times.

    Great contest though shay. Look forward to seeing which you pick!

  • Simon

    B for sure its hot

  • Anonymous

    I agree somewhat with others.
    A – little blurry, not up to standards (However, you should definitely create a futanari banner as I’m sure it would be the hands down winner!)

    C- Way too busy and it looks like a pay porn site ad

    B – gets my vote but gets kind of annoying. This or others aren’t really the quality that the banners you use are.

  • Cherrie

    Hmmm . . . I like the animation in B, but A just seems to be . . . you! I have this mental image of you, and that’s fairly close to it. So I’ll be in the minority and vote for A, although I won’t be upset if B is eventually selected.

    C is a little too busy–either the cocksuck or the fuck would be a good visual element, but there’s no clear point of focus for the viewer.

  • J. Kingston Pierce

    Choice B is definitely the most creative and … er, stimulating.

  • Mexican Teddy B.

    B is the option

  • Ang

    I’m going to have to be a sheep and say B.

    I think I spent too much time looking at C for the same reasons as many – you want the banner to lead into the content, not BE the content.

    And A? Yeah, the resolution is a little dodgy, but if you could find the picture in higher res and use that, then I might be swayed.

    I do, however, want to state that it can be hard to make animation work in a banner, simply because of the reasons I stated for C.

    Yeah, I’ll shut up now.

  • Eve in Chains

    A – I like it very much, actually probably the best, but the res is bad. If that can be improved I think it’s sexy, simple and classy.

    B – I too think it’s pretty hot and those bouncing tits are mesmerizing, but they could get annoying after a while.

    C – Has tremendous potential, but is too busy. If the artist could simplify, or eliminate, some of the images, it could be very nice.

    It’ll be fun to see what you pick.


  • Anonymous

    Definitely B, but stop after the first time through the animation. (If you like it that much, hit reload. :))

  • Anonymous

    B, but with limited looping.

  • hc573

    B is cool, but I’d vote for A (if there’s a better resolution for full size).. just needs someone to touch up the coloration of her nipples; they look a bit sunburned :P

  • Da Biatch

    A, definitely A…

  • Kaiz

    B! No doubts about it.

  • Martin J Frid

    They are all good, but they are not for you. Keep it serious and focused on your writing. That is where you have my vote.

  • John F

    I think the current header is better than any of the three you’ve got people voting on.

  • Marty

    I’d vote B, but drop the animation after a couple times through…

  • Anonymous

    B, but limit the loop. 2 or 3 times should be enough.

  • padme amidala

    I vote for A…:)
    padme amidala

  • Anonymous

    I like A the best. The animation on B gets annoying, and C is gorgeous but is too busy.

    Question about A, what’s that she has in her hand?

  • Anonymous

    A all the way!


  • Anonymous

    At first I said A in the comment above but then I read some of the other comments. Unless you can limit the loop on B… I too found the animation to be a bit much.


  • Tara Tainton

    Definitely B… after a little debate on the subject with myself. ;)

    You want something you can plant everywhere… legally. So, that kills C which shows those explicit body parts of real humans and requires proof of their age. Between A and B.. I love the animation! Though, they’re almost tied in great imagery. :)


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