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Reader Question – Masturbation and Your Period

I know from an article you said that masturbating while on PMS helps soothe cramps. My question is: While masturbating do you stop bleeding like that with water? (I was told by my mother that you don’t bleed while you are in water, just rinse the area out and you won’t bleed. Then once you’re out is resumes.)

Firstly, I am sorry to tell you that your period doesn’t stop when you are in water. Sometimes it might seem like it does because any blood that does come out will just be diluted into the water – you’re still bleeding but you just can’t see it.

Unfortunately your period also doesn’t stop for sex or for masturbation either. But that doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop just because you’re menstruating! Many women still choose to have sex while on their period (the smart ones use condoms because you can still get pregnant), they just make sure to put down a towel and keep a wet cloth nearby or have a shower to clean up afterwards. And, of course, you can still masturbate while on your period; depending on how you do it you might want to only do it in the shower, or do it with a tampon in (as long as you aren’t inserting anything else), or do it on a folder-over towel that you can throw in the wash afterwards.

Sex, masturbation, and exercise do relieve period cramps so you definitely shouldn’t give up your favourite physical activities on account of a little menstrual blood.

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2 comments to Reader Question – Masturbation and Your Period

  • Anonymous

    DUDE! That’s me!!

    Wow… I feel like a freaking movie star…but less movie-ish.

    But I seriously didn’t think you’d post it, oh well it’s good for a laugh or two with my friends.

    I seem so innocent one year ago. XD

  • Shay

    It was a good question – the kind that other girls were probably wondering about but were too shy to ask themselves.

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