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May is Masturbation Month!

What can you expect from The S Spot this month?

Well, besides plenty of fodder for you fantasies,
oh, no wait…
that’s mostly what I’ve got for you

To get you prepped – think of it as bloggy foreplay – why don’t you start with some of my previous sensational posts about masturbation:

Have a Ball
Helping Hands
Massage Wands
Vibrators (part 1)
Vibrators (part 2)
VIbrators (part 3)
Dildos and Vaginismus
Easter Eggs
Masturbation Addiction
Playing with Your Prostate
G-Spot Mystery Revealed!

Masturbation Thoughts
Porn Site “Addiction”
Masturbate for Health
Masturbation is Not Wrong!
The Fleshlight Review!
Masturbate with HomeMade Toys
How to Ejaculate (for women)
How Do Girls Masturbate?
Love Your Vag
The SuperSex Rabbit Vibe
Fantasy Wank
Your Own
Testicular Health
One of my very Fave Vibes
A Futa’s Story
“The vibe”
Stealth Masturbation

Reader Questions:
Does Masturbation Work out Your Penis Muscles?
How (male) Ejaculation Works
Masturbation for the Preggers
A Reader’s Real Porn Addiction Problem
Masturbation and your Hymen
Sex after Masturbation
Masturbating to Close the Distance
Masturbating on your Period

Almost a little overwhelming isn’t it?
Enjoy kiddies and keep your eyes out for even more fun stuff all this month on The S Spot

8 comments to May is Masturbation Month!

  • Gadfly

    I’m trying not to be dejected about the fact that my banner has never been featured.

    *quaking chest*


  • Anonymous

    This means I’ve been reading your blog for at least a year now.

    Wow… I’m impressed. And kind of frightened.

  • Shay

    Gad – Whoops! Thanks for reminding me, I need to wrap up that contest! (Also, my banner is on a random rotation so I don’t choose what shows each day).

    Anon – really?! Awesome! Thanks for sticking with me! ^_^

  • rupert

    Funny having been born in May, I wonder why my parents chose to subvert the theme, perhaps they got carried away.

    ;) rups

  • Alex

    Isn’t every month?

  • hc573

    It’s the first of may, first of may.. fuckin outside starts today. :)

  • Cherrie

    Wow . . . I need to clear some space on my calendar to catch up on all these!

    Hold my calls for two hours, please . . .

  • Mike Stewart

    May it always be May in your pants! More I cannot wish you my friends! Y’all join in the festivities to celebrate even more during this month of course! I’ve been jacking off for 55 years (really!) and I ain’t blind or crazy yet (no comments on that last part please!) Cheers to all you masturbators!

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