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The Evolution of Panty Sniffing?

So, we’ve established that some people really enjoy sniffing used panties to enhance their solo masturbatory experience, AND we know that used panties smell like vag, which makes them a great fetish object because they can evoke all kinds of warm and squishy feelings.

BUT why do we like the smell of vag? What are we supposed to be getting out of it?

Exile and I both mentioned that the sweat glands down there are likely producing sex pheremones which would serve to make a receptive partner hot and bothered , but there is other information to be gathered as well.

The smell (and taste) of a vag can let you know how it’s doing; whether it’s sick or healthy, whether it’s fertile or menstruating, etc. According to Dr. Robin Baker, one of the reasons why straight men would be interested in the smell (and taste) of a vag is because it can give them important cues as to whether or not another man his been in there first. This imformation would be important because it would have an effect on his mating strategies.

So, to sum things up, the connection we’re making here is:
smelling a vag is important to find out more about it ->
thus straight males have evolved to find the smell of a healthy vag sexy ->
once again, used panties smell like vag (unless a man was wearing them^_~) ->
and some straight men enjoy sniffing used panties to enhance their fantasies when they masturbate alone.

Interesting tidbits.

15 comments to The Evolution of Panty Sniffing?

  • Gadfly

    You know … there might be something to that “another man got there first” hypothesis.

    Cuz I know from camping trips, there is NOTHING more repellent to me than the smell of mutual sex goo left in sweaty areas for a couple of days.

    I know that’s a lovely topic, but camping is not about being fastidious — and there’s something about being deep into the wilderness that makes you want to throw your clothes off, climb a tree and fuck O_o

  • Bad Bad Girl

    I’m just giggling cause the word ‘vag’- just makes me giggle….

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, what’s wrong with vagina? Too long?

  • Holy Visile

    I disagree with the content of this post. And who is Dr. Baker? If you are going to reference a supposed expert at least tell us their credentials and location. For example, Dr. X of Harvard carries much more weight than Dr. X.
    Sorry shay, this one is vapid.
    -The Holiest

  • Shay

    Gadfly – Haha! We’ll have to go camping together sometime then, we can organize a sex blogger camping trip!

    BBG – hehe

    Anon – *ahem* I thought it sounded cute.

    Visile – oh puhleeze! You’re so lazy! ;) just look him up yourself!

  • Aya-chan

    that was interesting. mating strategies for guys, huh? tee hee.
    (saw some interesting mangas with guys sniffing girly panties and it was awesome.)

    i’m the girl who said she wanted to be your imouto? :) can i link you to my blog? :) [it’s on thanks if you let me! :)

  • Prospero

    This is interesting. Most of these smell/pheromone research studies center on armpits. There was a very recent one with women smelling mens’ worn t-shirts. And then there were several about a year ago where they identified that womens’ armpit smell is better, more attractive at the most fertile time of the month. (Do a search at But apparently no one can get money to sniff panties. Shay, how are you at writing grants?

  • Shay

    Aya – little sister, of course you can link to me, but that link you show here sends me to a dead page! :(

    Prospero – First I have to get into a grad program! Keep your fingers crossed for me, I still have 3 schools left to hear from!

  • Shay

    aya – never mind, I figured out where your site is. ^_^

  • Saucy Panties

    As a seller of used panties I obviously receive lots of stories about why men like the smell of a womans vagina. It differs from each person, the way I look at it is that it is a womans natural perfume. God made a woman a certain smell in the ‘Vag’ area and you have to assume the reason was to attractt males.

  • Camilla

    I had a bf once that, when I went out of town, used to come over to my place and sniff my panties.

  • Mackenzie's Panties

    I am also a seller of used panties and I find it interesting that a proposed theory is to see if a man has been present. Do they mean currently or ever?

    Every woman’s nether regions smell and taste differently depending on a lot of different circumstances — diet, smoking, hygiene, etc.

  • PinkPussyCatPanties

    Another panty seller here. I’m not sure I agree on the “another man got there first” hypothesis. Most of my customers just want the natural sweet scent of my panties to enjoy. I think it’s just about the sexual scent and what it does to our inner animal instincts.

  • Shay

    Camilla – Oh! Did you mind?

    Mackenzie’s Panties – I suspect the theory is recently. And yes taste and smell change, see my post on that particular issue for more on that.

    PinkCP- Look, no one is saying that straight men don’t just enjoy the smell of a healthy pussy, we’re just talking about past deeper motivations now disguised as “natural desires”. Perhaps it’s a more complex idea that not everyone can grasp.

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