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Reader Question – Spermy Vaginas? Not For Long!

Hello, Thanks for your advices, you wrote well.
But please if we don’t douche after having our vagina filled with sperm we will smell sperm during hours, how to deal with that when having business days ?
Regards Mon

As in other mammals, the human vagina is very good at getting rid of excess sperm, without using a douche. Shortly after sex, much of the semen deposited in a vagina will be expelled – by a process called Flowback.

Flowback is a phenomenon observed in not only humans but in zerbras, mice, and sparrows as well (it probably occurs in all mammals and birds – we all have more in common than you think) : it’s the ejection of leftover semen from the vagina - actually most of it, including around 50% of the sperm sent in.

Here’s how it works:
After unprotected sex, the deposited semen undergoes liquifaction.

This liquifaction-ized semen is then expelled from the vagina in one of two ways:
either it drips out slowly into your panties (or down your ass and onto the sheets)
or it shoots out when you pee, sometimes with quite impressive force.

About 15 mins after unprotected ejaculation, the pool of semen left in the vagina, including any sperm not collected by the cervix, becomes more watery (liquifaction) then tiny muscle movements start pushing the semen towards the exit.

It can take from 10 mins to 2 hours for this mixture of semen and vag juices to collect in the vestibule and once it does, a cough, a sneeze, and especially taking a pee will send it flying out of the vagina.
If none of these happen, then after about 2 hours everything becomes so liquidy that it just starts dripping out by itself.

Although this is NOT an effective form of birth control, it can make cleaning up after sex much easier.

But if you are really worried about leaking semen all day after sex (and not catching any nasty diseases), you could also try using a condom.

Baker, R. (1996) Sperm wars: the science of sex. HaperCollins ltd, Toronto Canada.

7 comments to Reader Question – Spermy Vaginas? Not For Long!

  • Camilla

    Usually within 30 minutes, I get “flowback.” I actually love it, as it reminds me of the encounter.

  • ArtfulDodger

    I know I’ve said this before, but everyday is just amazing, the things I learn about. :)

  • Volup Val

    I love the smell of sex throughout the day! It’s not really strong at all with clothes on and anytime I excuse myself to the bathroom or somesuch, I get completely turned on by the scent.

    Imagine my state of mind by the time I finally get home… he loves it ;)

  • CC

    Eh…I’m kind of glad for flowback, I don’t like the smell all that much.

    Don’t know if you read all your comments Shay, but how does one become a sexologist? I know you were talking about Grad studies …

  • Strumpet

    Damn, girlie.

    Here I just came by to say that I hope you had a fantastic Easter and OF COURSE I’m leaving completely drenched after seeing that picture.

    And, of course…

    I saved it.

    Thank you, Shay.

    I do hope the Easter Bunny was good to you.

  • Cherrie

    This reminds me of an old joke:

    Dad comes home and hears commotion in teenage daughter’s bedroom–bed squeaking, clothes rustling, hushed voices. He enters the room to find daughter and teenage boy self-consciously adjusting their clothes and looking guilty.

    “What the hell were you doing?” he roars at the daughter.

    “M-m-making sandwiches, Dad.”

    “Sandwiches?” Dad looked at her short skirt. “What’s that dribbling down your leg? Mayonnaise?”

  • Greenwoman

    With the right man…I find the scent of us together intoxicating and so does He….I love to let that scent linger on me for hours…mostly because it arouses Him so much He keeps coming back for more.

    There are plenty of other men that I’m very happy to have wiped clean right away because i didn’t really like the scent all that much. Funny how they are all gone and I’m left just with my two Men…and both leave me happy with their scent.

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